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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The D Zones MAC Power Rankings Week 8

1. East Detroit (11-0) - Had close wins over Utica and Grosse Pointe North this week and is now the only unbeaten left in the MAC.

2. Madison Heights (10-1) - Beat Fitzgerald but lost 75-50 to Anchor Bay to close out the week.

3. St. Clair (9-3) - Beat division opponent Mt. Clemens and then Marine City on Saturday. (+1)

4. New Haven (8-4) - Demoralized South Lake to kick off the week and followed it up with a thrilling with over Warren Woods Tower on Friday. (+4)   (Recap)

5. Mt. Clemens (8-4) - Lost to St. Clair but came back and beat Lincoln.

6. Chippewa Valley (8-2) - Was upset by Grosse Pointe South but came back with a win over L'Anse Creuse North. (-3)

7. Clawson (8-3) - Suffered a loss to Marysville but responded with a win over Lakeview. (-1)

8. Utica Ford (8-4) - Was upset on the road by an upstarted Romeo team but won at home against Dakota. (-1)

9. Port Huron Northern (7-4) - Beat Cousino and Grosse Pointe South this week. (+5)

10. Anchor Bay (6-5) - Lost to Fraser but made up for it with a huge win over Madison Heights. (+2)

11. Warren Mott (7-5) - Lost to Stevenson but came back with a win over Fitzgerald. (+2)

12. Sterling Heights (6-6) - The MAC Gold leaders dropped a non divisional game to Port Huron. (-2)

13. Utica (6-5) - Lost to East Detroit but came back with a win over Cousino. (+3)

14. Marysville (6-6) - Had an upset over Clawson to begin the week and then took care of Lamphere. (+8)

15. Clintondale (6-6) - Beat Lamphere and Center Line this week.  (+6)

16. Lincoln (6-5) - Lost to both Tower and Mt. Clemens this week, really hurts their standings in the Gold. (-7)

17. Center Line (6-6) - Beat Marine City but lost to Clintondale. (-2)

18. Cousino (6-6) - Lost to Utica and Port Huron Northern this week. (-7)

19. Romeo (5-6) - The Bulldogs have been hot with wins over Ford and Eisenhower during their 3 game win steak. (+8)

20. Warren Woods Tower (5-6) - Won against Lincoln but dropped a nail biter to New Haven this week. (-3)

21. Grosse Pointe South (5-7) - Upset Chippewa Valley early in the week but lost to Port Huron Northern. (+3)

22. Fitzgerald (5-7) - Lost to Madison Heights and Warren Mott this week. (-4)

23. L'Anse Creuse (5-4) - Beat Eisenhower and Roseville this week. (+11)

24. Lake Shore (5-6) - Beat Marine City this week. (-4)

25. L'Anse Creuse North (4-6) - Lost to Dakota and Chippewa Valley. (-6)

26. Lakeview (5-6) - Beat Armada again but lost to Clawson. (-1)

27. Fraser (4-7) - Upset Anchor Bay and beat Port Huron too.  (+3)

28. Stevenson (4-7) - Beat Warren Mott this week. (-5)

29. Port Huron (4-7) - Upset Sterling Heights but lost to Fraser.

30. Dakota (4-7) - Beat L'Anse Creuse North but lost to Ford. (+2)

31. Roseville (4-7) - Beat Grosse Pointe North and lost to L'Anse Creuse. (-3)

32. Grosse Pointe North (3-9) - Lost to Roseville and East Detroit. (-6)

33. Marine City (3-9) - Lost to Center Line, Lake Shore and St. Clair. (-2)

34. South Lake (2-8) - Lost to New Haven. (-1)

35. Eisenhower (1-10) - Lost to L'Anse Creuse and Romeo.

36. Lamphere (0-11) - Had losses to Clintondale, Marysville and Hazel Park.


  1. Great web-site, except for a couple things. How could Centerline & Clintondale be ranked ahead of Cousino H.S.?? You can't even compare the schedules, and all 3 have the same record. Just asking.

  2. Thank you and I agree Cousino is better but those two are ahead because they both won and Cousino lost both games this week.

    Power rankings are based off the past week. If it was like a straight top 36 or whatever, I would have Cousino a little bit higher, they will comeback next week though.

  3. This site seems like it is waiting for East Deroit to fail(?two close wins?), so you can move them out of the top spot. East Detroit is better than Madison(?lost to AB by 25?). Madison's offense is based on one guy. Stop Damon, stop Madison. But, stopping Damon is not an easy task, he is a offensive wizard. But, ED has too many pieces. But, if it makes you feel better put ED at number 2. Since like you mention the only reason ED is #1 is because of number, and it is not your opinion that they are #1, just the numbers. Put them at #2, we will see who's still standing at the end of the year.

  4. Appreciate the feedback but thats not true, your twisting the words around. They had close wins and thats a fact. I think its pretty clear from the past and what I tweet during the week, that it no doubt ED is #1.

    Last week before Madison lost and they were both 9-0, I moved East Detroit to #1.

    Theres no question its ED, Madison and SC.

  5. I'm just messing with you, it really doesn't matter to me who is #1, now. It is more important how long they can continue getter better. The goal for ED should be nothing short of the Breslin Center. That would make for a great season, and hopefully get some of those guys recruited. The site is great, keep up the good work!!!

    P.S. I like Madison and ED, but not in that order, lol

  6. Ok I did not mean that in a rude way, it looks rude but I meant it as respectable as possible haha :)

    Thanks again for the feedback, I really do not get much of it yet but I like feedback positive/negative so its all good.

    But it really does not look like E.D. will leave #1 anytime soon, pretty tough scheduling and they keep winning.

    Who will be in their district do you know? probably - Rville, Mt Clemens, etc?