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Friday, December 31, 2010

The D Zones MAC Power Rankings Week 4

1. Utica Ford (3-1) - No game this week
2. New Haven (3-1) - Lost to Richmond and defeated Ferndale this week. (+12)
3. Port Huron Northern (3-1) - No game this week (-1)
4. Chippewa Valley (3-0) - Beat Tower and Roseville this week (+13)
5. Warren Mott (4-0) - No game this week. (-1)
6. St. Clair (4-1) - No game this week (-3)
7. East Detroit (3-0) - No game this week (-4)
8. Utica (3-0) - No game this week (-3)
9. Madison Heights (3-0) - No game this week (-2)
10. Dakota (2-2) - No game this week (-1)
11. Fitzgerald (2-1) - No game this week (-3)
12. Warren Woods Tower (2-2) - Lost to Chippewa Valley and beat Fraser. (+13)
13. L'Anse Cruese North (2-1) - No game this week (-2)
14. Clawson (2-1) - Beat Lahser and then lost to Cranbrook. (+6)
15. Cousino (2-2) - No game this week (-3)
16. Mt. Clemens (2-2) - Won first two games of the year beating Hartland and Rochester. (+20)
17. Lincoln (2-1) - No game this week (-2)
18. Lakeview (2-2) - No game this week (-7)
19. South Lake (2-2) - No game this week (-6)
20. Clintondale (2-1) - Lost to Sandusky this week. (-4)
21. Sterling Heights (1-3) - No game this week. (-3)
22. Grosse Pointe South (1-4) - Lost to Denby Tech
23.Roseville (1-3) - Won first game of the year vs Fraser then lost to Chippewa Valley. (+9)
24. Anchor Bay (1-3) - No game this week. (-5)
25. Marysville (1-3) - Lost to Yale and then won first game against Memphis. (+5)
26. Port Huron (1-2) - No game this week. (-2)
27. Marine City (1-3) - No game this week. (-6)
28. Fraser (1-3) - Lost to Roseville and Warren Woods Tower this week. (-5)
29. Center Line (1-3) - No game this week. (-3)
30. Stevenson (1-2) - No game this week. (-3)
31. Lake Shore (1-3) - No game this week. (-3)
32. Grosse Pointe North (0-3) - No game this week. (-3)
33. Eisenhower (0-3) - No game this week. (-2)
34. L'Anse Cruese (0-3)- No game this week. (-1)
35. Romeo (0-3) - No game this week. (-1)
36. Lamphere (0-2) - No game this week. (-1)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warren Woods Tower and Chippewa Valley Game Recap

Clinton Township, MI -- After Roseville defeated Fraser in game one of the tournament, # 17  Chippewa Valley hosted # 25 Warren Woods Tower.  For Chippewa Valley it was their second game of the season.  The last game they played was two weeks ago, when they beat Anchor Bay.

Like the previous game, Chippewa Valley started off hot as they held Tower to only 3 attempted shots in the first 4 minutes and none went in.  The score was 5-0 after four minutes and Tower's coach called timeout.   Tower came back and scored a few more points but Chippewa Valley lead 13-7 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the score went back and forth but with two minutes left in the half, Chippewa lead 24-17.  After a last second shot by Tower the score was 28-25 Chippewa Valley at halftime.

In the third quarter Chippewa started off hot scoring right away and then after a turn over, # 33 on Chippewa Nick Gregory gave Chippewa momentum with a slam dunk giving Chippewa a 32-25 lead.  However with 3:36 left in the third quarter the score was 39-37 Chippewa.  The Bigs Reds closed out the half on a big run as they lead heading into the fourth quarter 50-44.  Tower hit a 3 pointer right before the buzzer for three points.

In the fourth quarter after four minutes the score was 55-52 Chippewa.  With 3 minutes left Tower was up 57-56.  After 30 seconds, Chippewa lead 58-57.   Tower then hit a 3 pointer by Ryan Newcom that made the score 60-58.  It was Newcom's third three pointer of the game.  With 8 seconds left Sam Bunkley, on Chippewa hit a three pointer to make the score 63-62.   Tower had a chance but Joe Bastone blocked a Tower shot and deflected the ball away to kill the remaining clock. Bunkley described the moment, "I actually didn't even realize it was the game winning shot until I was running back on defense and heard the buzzer sound and saw my teammates screaming and jumping on me. Honestly all I was thinking about when Nick gave me the pass was to make sure my form was straight and to not hesitate."

Bottom Line:

Nick Gregory - 17 points

Fraser and Roseville Game Recap

Clinton Township, MI --  # 32 Roseville and # 23 Fraser met at Chippewa Valley High School for a holiday  tournament, Tuesday the 28th.  The winner would get to face one of two other MAC team, either Warren Woods Tower or Chippewa Valley.

Fraser led at one point in the first quarter 6-5 and at the end of the first quarter the scoreboard showed 12-12.  After a few minutes the announcer was discussing with one of the score keepers and said the score was really 13-12 Roseville winning.

To start the second quarter, Roseville went on a 6-0 run in the first two minutes.  They bumped the score to 19-12.  The next 4 minutes were deadlocked as both teams scored 7 points each, the score with 2 minutes left was 26-19 Roseville on top.  The final two minutes were all Fraser as they scored the remaining 4 points.  They closed to deficit to 29-23 at halftime.

Fraser came out to start the third quarter on fire and trailed 32-31 with 5:10 left in the third quarter.  With 3 minutes left in the third quarter, Fraser was up 33-32.  With 2:14 in the third quarter, # 3 on Roseville, Tre Williams hit a 3 pointer making the score 36-33.  Roseville led 38-37 at the end of third quarter.

With the scored tied at 43, Tre Williams hit another big 3 pointer for Roseville.  Fraser led 52-51 with 2:40 left.  Roseville led 58-53 with 30 seconds left and held onto win 60-56 after # 1 on Roseville hit 1 of two free throws to seal the win.  Its Roseville's first win of the year.

MAC Basketball Scores from Week 4

December 27th

Detroit Denby Tech beats # 29 Grosse Pointe South 58-46

Decemeber 28th

# 32 Roseville beats # 23 Fraser 60-56
# 17 Chippewa Valley beats # 25 Warren Woods Tower 63-62
# 20 Clawson beats Lahser 64-54
Richmond beats # 14 New Haven 56-52
# 36 Mt. Clemens beats Hartland 57-45

December 29th

Sandusky beats # 16 Clintondale 54-51
Cranbrook beats # 20 Clawson 50-38
Yale beats # 30 Marysville 44-41

December 30th

# 25 Warren Woods Tower beats # 23 Fraser 49-40
# 17 Chippewa Valley beats # 32 Roseville 47-46
# 36 Mt. Clemens beats Rochester 47-44
# 30 Marysville beats Memphis 48-21
# 14 New Haven beats Ferndale 66-56

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The D Zones All Michigan Team 2010

First off this is not a popularity contest, no scholarships or other previous years are used to determine.  Just the top talent in Michigan at each position. Also I base all my stats off of


1. Mitch Robinon (Avondale) - Threw for 3606 yards, 46 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  Oh and did I mention only a junior!!! Also ranks 28th in the country in passing yards and tied for 13th in touchdown passes.

2. Alex Niznak (Ithaca) - Threw for 2731 yards, 31 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  Daron Hill has 60 more passing yards but its nothing compared to Niznak's 141 rushing attempts for 1161 yards and 21 rushing touchdowns which ranks 57th in Michigan.  Niznak is #163 in passing yards in the country. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan. (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)


1. Valdez Showers (Madison Heights) - Ran 235 times for 2024 yards and 29 touchdowns.  The future Florida Gator is # 155 in the country in rushing yards this year. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)

2. Ethan Colton (Saugatuck) - Ran 308 times for 2613 yards and 29 touchdowns.  He is #24 in the country in rushing yards this season.

3. James Hartley (Birch Run) - Ran 299 times for 2448 yards and 28 touchdowns.  He ranks # 46 in the country in rushing yards this season.

Wide Receivers:

1. Ray Tillman (Avondale) - No surprise the state's top target would be here, Tillman had 83 catches for 1727 yards and 22 touchdowns.  # 7 in the country in receiving yards this season. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)

2. Matt Macksood (Lansing Catholic Central) - 68 catches for 1466 yards and 19 touchdowns. Ranks as the # 30th WR in the country

3. Zach Smith (Grand Rapids West Catholic) - Finished with 71 catches for 1398 yards and 18 touchdowns. He ranked as the # 49th WR in the country.

4. Shane VanFleteren (Utica) - Finished with 1231 yards off of 74 receptions which was good for 11 touchdowns. Tied for # 98 in the country.

Defensive Line:

1. Jory Purvis (Ithaca) - Finished with 140 tackles and 69 solo tackles.

2. Lamonte Jackson (Orchard View) - The defensive end finished with 134 total tackles and 10 sacks for the season.

3. Darrell Montgomery (Westside Christian Academy) - The Sophomore finished with 110 tackles and 24 sacks which is second in Michigan and seventh in the country.


1. Sonny Sullivan (Mt. Pleasant) - Finished with 193 tackles and 116 were assisted.  He is tied for 20th in the country in tackles.

2. Lucas Slater (Ithaca) - Also finished with 193 tackles, 119 were solo and is tied with Sullivan for 20th in the country in tackles.

3. Anthony Watkins (Ecorse) - Finished with 145 solo tackles and 164 overall for the season, he ranks # 121st in the country.

4. Brent Zdebski (Walled Lake Western) - Had 149 total tackles, 81 in which were solo tackles.  He ranked # 263 in the country.

5. Bilaal Collins (Detroit Crockett) - Collins finished with 124 total tackles and 19 sacks.  Tied for #32 in sacks in the country.


1. Garrett Bowker (All Saints Central) - Finished with 92 total tackles and 4 interceptions.

2. Desmond King (Crockett) - Finished with 53 tackles which is 11th in Michigan but was tied for the most interceptions amongst cornerbacks with 10.

3. Scott Ruzinsky (Perry) - The free safety finished with 125 total tackles, 3 interceptions and 6 caused fumbles.

4. Quincy Bissette (All Saint Central) - Had 103 tackles and 1 interception for the season.

Field Goal Kicker:

1. Evan Fisher (Holt) - Was 14-15 on field goal attempts with the longest of 52 yards.


1. Kyle Brindza (Plymouth) - The future Notre Dame kicker had 45 punts for 2023 yards, averaged 45 yards per punt and kicked it inside the opponents 20 yard line, 12 times.

Punt Returner:

1. Antoine Hawkins (Westside Christian Academy) - 17 punt returns for 854 yards

Kick Returner:

1. Nathan Fraeyman (Romeo) - Finished with 11 returns good for 494 yards.

The D Zone All MAC Second Team


1. Connor Hinebaugh (Utica) - Threw for 1986 yards which led the MAC White, Threw 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.  Also 10 rushing attempts for 57 yards.  For people who have not seen Utica this year they run a run spread option offense.

2. Tony Lowry (Madison Heights) - Threw for 1490 yards, plus  threw 17 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  Lowry also ran 12 times for 28 yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Was injured in the last game of the season and I do not think returned for the playoffs.


1. Ryan Burkard (Romeo) - Burkard had 198 carries and had 1267 yards with 21 touchdowns.  He is the overall MAC offensive player of the year.

2. Josh Forsythe (Clawson) - Led  the MAC Bronze with 1107 rushing yards with 127 attempts.  He also finished with 14 touchdowns.

3. Dejuan Morton (Fitzgerald) - Morton finished with 1475 rushing yards and 237 attempts.  Morton had 10 touchdowns for the season.

Wide Receivers:

1. Bryan Basilico (Dakota) - The sophomore had 41 catches for 717 yards and 5 touchdowns.

2.  Joe Smith (Clawson) -  Had 30 catches for 614 yards and 8 touchdowns.

3. Jarred Eason (Madison Heights) - Finished with 18 catches for 539 yards and 3 touchdowns.

4. Taylor Bynaert (Romeo) - Finished with 33 catches for 542 yards and 9 touchdowns.

5. Yousseff Bujaidar (Eisenhower) - Had 35 catches for 543 yards and 5 touchdowns.


Defensive Line:

1. Brad Meredith (Utica Ford) - Finished with 43 solo tackles and 78 overall, plus 2 sacks.

2. Blake Bonifas (Utica) - Finished with 9 solo tackles and 52 assisted tackles for 61 total tackles.

3. Travis Joseph (Lake Shore) - Finished with 44 solo tackles and 58 overall.

4.  Luke Valutis (Eisenhower) - Had 57 total tackles and 3 sacks during the season.


1. Drew Sanders (Dakota) - Had 72 solo tackles and 106 overall, also added 4 sacks.

2. Zac Sienal (Lake Shore) - Had 100 tackles, 59 in which were solo.

3. Joe Bacci (Romeo) - Finished with 102 total tackles.

4. Daniel Naert (Eisenhower) - Finished also with 102 total tackles.

5. Jon Jarvie (Dakota) - Finished with 65 total tackles but led MAC linebackers with 6 sacks.


1. Ankit Desai (Utica) - Finished with 57 total tackles and 5 interceptions.

2.  Zak Bellas (Romeo) - Finished with 57 tackles, 5 interceptions and 5 passes deflected.

3. Terron Bridgeman (Lake Shore) - Completed  the season with 44 tackles, 6 passes deflected and 5 interceptions.

4. Isiah Thomas (Madison Heights) - Closed the season out with 44 tackles, 4 interceptions, 1 pass deflection and 1 forced fumble.

5. Chris Perry (Eisenhower) - The Junior finished with 55 total tackles, along with 1 forced fumble and 1 interception.

Special Teams:

Kicker: Daniel Gojocaj (Eisenhower) - Was 8-11 on field goal attempts with the MAC's Red's longest field goal of 45 yards.  Was 26-28 on extra points.

Kick Returner:  Mike Tyszkiewicz (Center Line) - Had 342 return yards

Punt Returner: Seth Balogh (Dakota) - 6 punt returns for 137 yards.

The D Zones MAC Power Rankings Week 3

1. Utica Ford (3-1) - No game this week
2. Port Huron Northern (3-1) - Beats Port Huron and St. Clair (+18)
3. East Detroit (3-0) - Beats Royal Oak [0-3] and Dakota (+10)
4. Warren Mott (4-0) - Beat L'Anse Cruese (-1)
5. Utica (3-0) - No game this week (-1)
6. St. Clair (4-1) - Beat Lexington [1-4] and lost to Port Huron Northern (-1)
7. Madison Heights (3-0) - No game this week (-5)
8. Fitzgerald (2-1) - No game this week (-2)
9. Dakota (2-2) - Beat Redford Union [0-4] and lost to East Detroit, in the tournament they hosted (+1)
10. Lakeview (2-2) - Lost to South Lake and Lake Shore (+1)
11. L'Anse Creuse North (2-1) - Beat Anchor Bay but lost to St. Mary's [2-2] the next day in the tournament they hosted (+4)
12. Cousino (2-2) - Lost to St. Marys and Anchor Bay (-4)
13. South Lake (2-2) - Beat Lakeview but lost to Lake Shore (+5)
14. New Haven (2-0) - No game  this week (-7)
15. Lincoln (2-1) - No game this week (-6)
16. Clintondale (2-0) - Beat Eaton Academy [0-2] (-5)
17. Chippewa Valley (1-0) - No game this week (-5)
18. Sterling Heights (1-3) - No game this week (-2)
19. Anchor Bay (1-3) - Lost to L'Anse Cruese North and  then upset Cousino for first win (+8)
20. Clawson (1-0) - No game this week (+2)
21. Marine City (1-3) - Lost to Richmond [3-0] and Algonac [2-0] (+3)
22. Grosse Pointe South (1-3) - Lost to Detroit King [4-0] (-3)
23. Fraser (1-1) - No game this week (-7)
24. Port Huron (1-2) - Beat Croswell Lexington (+1)
25. Warren Woods Tower (1-1) - No game this week (-8)
26. Center Line (1-3) - Beat South Lake (+8)
27. Stevenson (1-2) - No game this week (-4)
28. Lake Shore (1-3) - Beat South Lake and lost to Lakeview (+8)
29. Grosse Pointe North (0-3) - No game this week
30. Marysville (0-2) - No game this week (+5)
31. Eisenhower (0-3) - Lost to Flint Carman-Ainsworth [4-1] (+1)
32. Roseville (0-2) - No game this week (-4)
33. L'Anse Creuse (0-2) - Lost to Warren Mott (-7)
34. Romeo (0-3) - No game this week (-4)
35. Lamphere (0-2) - No game this week (-2)
36. Mt. Clemens (0-2) - No game this week (-5)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 High School Football Records

If  there is a record that was broken in 2010 or something interesting, get a hold of me.  I will put it on here if it is a record.

1. Utica Ford, Quarterback Mike Saba broke several school records: Passing yards, total yards, passes completed, passing percentage and most completions in a game.  Previous Ford quarterback was Craig Krenzel who won a National Championship at Ohio State.

2. Utica Ford, Wide Reciever Eric Posavetz broke school record for most receptions in a career with 52.

3. Grosse Pointe South broke two records season: Most points scored in a season (315) and most points allowed in a season (334) yet they moved onto the semi finals until losing to Harrison.

4. Anchor Bay has three games with the final score 21-20.  They lost to Westland Glenn and Utica Ford but defeated Port Huron Northern, in those games.

5.  The Port Huron Big Reds allowed 169 points this season the lowest since 1993.

6.  Port Huron Northern scored 245 points the most since 1969 while allowing 98 points, the lowest also since 1993.

7. L'Anse Cruese allowed 345 points this year, the most in school history.

8. Sterling Heights allowed 402 points this year, also the most in their history, also had 0 wins for the third time since 1950.

9. South Lake's 8 wins were the most in school history, 325 points were the most in South Lake's history and 79 points allowed were the least since 1968.

10. Clawson broke the school record with 347 points scored, which broke last years record of 339.

11. Lincoln defeated New Haven for the third straight season also has 2 winning seasons since 2000.

12. Center Line went 2-7 for third straight season, have not had winning record since 2005.

13. Mount Clemens has not had a winning season since 1997.

14. New Haven.... 416 points allowed break last years record of 404, 60 points scored breaks their record for least in a year of 56 in 1979 and were shutout 5 times this year.

15. Madison Heights led the MAC gold with 488 points scored this year.

16. Marine City has not had a losing season since going 3-6 in 1982.

17. Lake Shore broke the record for points in a season with 338 breaks the record of 335 from 2 years ago.

18. East Detroit shattered the school's points in a season record with 322 and made playoffs for the first time ever.

19. Fraser has not had winning season since 2001.

20. St. Clair Finished 4-5 but last place in  the MAC Gold

21. Romeo won MAC Red for the first time

22. Romeo shutout Eisenhower 14-0 for shutout in the series all time.

MAC Girls Basketball Scores

Sorry this is late coming on The D Zone but I will try to keep up with girls scores and need people to help if you can.

Fenton beats Utica 39-33
Inkster beats Stevenson 58-41
Warren Woods Tower beats Hazel Park 52-26
Marine City beats Armada 45-40
Marian beats Grosse Pointe North 38-25
Cousino beats Regina 39-36
Eisenhower beats Detroit Allen Academy 54-12
Marysville beats Port Huron Northern 49-48
Mt. Clemens beats Oak Park 32-25
Royal Oak beats Lamphere 53-24
Lakeview beats Lake Shore 45-38
Ford beats Sterling Heights 62-42
Okemos beats Grosse Pointe North 52-48
Stevenson beats Utica 50-38
Cardinal Mooney beats Marine City 49-28
Port Huron Northern beats Anchor Bay 57-20
Romeo beats St. Clair 58-20
Troy beats Fraser 43-19
Eisenhower beats Warren Woods Tower 50-43
Ford beats Mt. Clemens 71-42
White Lake Lakeland beats Dakota 38-31
Lakeview beats Seaholm 50-24
Farmington Hills Mercy beats Stevenson 59-48
Livonia Ladywood beats Grosse Pointe North 49-28
Royal Oak beats Warren Mott 55-44
Lincoln beats South Lake in OT  56-51
Algonac beats Marysville 49-40
Roseville beats Berkley 46-43
Marine City beats Richmond 57-42
Mt. Clemens beats Southfield 47-35
New Haven beats Armada 52-42
St. Clair beats Croswell Lexington 41-39
New Haven beats Clawson 56-34
Bishop Foley beats Lamphere 62-39
Lake Shore beats Anchor Bay 60-34
Romeo beats Oxford 66-14
Center Line beats South Lake 40-25
Dakota beats Utica 52-47
Ford beats Fitzerald 67-40
Cousino beats Sterling Heights 62-38
no score for Detroit U Prep and Eisenhower
Mercy beats LCN 59-48
no score for Port Huron and Marine City
no score for Tower and Regina
Chippewa Valley beats Anchor Bay 57-19
Harper Woods beats New Haven 58-46
Country Day beats LCN 55-19
Harper Woods beats Lamphere 45-28
Tower beats Marine City 48-34
Ford beats Roseville - no score
Fitzgerald beats Lake Shore 59-32
Liggett beats Chippewa Valley 56-37
Dakota beats Redford Union 59-28
Marian beats Romeo 51-31
Marian beats GPS 45-37
Dakota beats Lutheran High North 74-26
no score for Lake Shore and South Lake
Stevenson beats Eisenhower 69-50
Fraser beats Utica  41-24
Fitzgerald beats Redford Union 67-30
Lake Shore beats Lakeview 41-36

Check my Twitter for other scores if they are not on here.

Rockford and De La Salle Game Recap

Warren, MI -- Rockford (2-4) made the travel out to Warren which is several miles north of Detroit to play De La Salle (4-0).  Rockford had several players during warm-ups that were hitting shots from anywhere on the court, those players were Ryan Majerle and Connor McCane.

To start the game Rockford immediately grabbed an early lead, McCane hit several 3 pointers but as the quarter moved on their shots were not falling down and De La Salle was only trailing by 2 points, the score was 15-13 at the end of the first quarter.  If you did not look at the scoreboard you would of thought Rockford was killing them, it was total domination, besides Rockford's shots were not falling down.

De La Salle would come back in the second quarter, unfortunately for De La Salle, the Rams pretty much responded basket for basket with the pilots in the half.  Connor Tava on De La Salle had a couple points and rebounds for the Pilots and they led 30-25 heading into halftime.

To start the third quarter Rockford came out on fire, they used a 10-0 run in the third quarter to lake a 36-32 lead with 3:51 remaining in the third quarter.  Both teams would have three points the next 3 minutes but heading into the fourth quarter the score was 42-37 Rockford.

The fourth quarter shifted back and forth first it was De La Salle that was trying to catch up and comeback from the 5 points.  With 5:13 remaining, Rockford was holding onto 2 point lead, the score was 45-43.  Two minutes later the score was 48-47.  Rockford would not be able to hold onto the lead as one minute later, De La Salle took the lead with two minutes to play and  the score was 51-48.

With time running out in the game De La Salle was up 54-51, however with 8 seconds left, Ryan Majerle hit a 3 pointer a few feet behind the arc to tie the  game and send the game into overtime. De La Salle did have a chance to win the game. (WATCH)

Rockford probably wished they did not go into overtime, they played sloppy and had a few major turnovers.  De La Salle took an early 4 point lead, also there are four minutes in each overtime quarter.  De La Salle led 59-57 with 1:17 in the overtime.  Rockford would then turn the ball over after Justin Klein slipped and fell near center court. (WATCH) As the game went on gym got hotter and hotter, often times the game was paused for people to wipe moisture off of the court.  I am not sayin that is why he slipped but would not be surprised if it was the reason.  After the turnover De La Salle held onto the ball for awhile until Connor Tava attempted two free throws.  The first one he made, Rockford then put in Mitch Caywood who did not play at all the whole game up until now, in the game.  Tava missed the second free throw and the Pilots immediately ran back to defend the lead and the 3 point arc.  Caywood was unable to handle the rebound and it was De La Salle basketball.  (WATCH) De La Salle would seal the win with 2 free throws by Sterling Johnson on the inbound pass.  The final score was 64-60.

Rockford relied heavily on the three pointer throughout the game the only size they had in the inside was Aaron Weston and Clifton Johnson but De La Salle's height in the end finished Rockford.  It was a mismatch for Rockford when they were on defense.  For Caywood coming into the game so late made me guess what coach Steve Majerle was thinking.  The roster has Caywood at forward and a junior.  It is what is and like I mentioned earlier the moisture level was high.  De La Salle head coach Greg Ester won his 401st career game  after winning his 400th on Saturday vs Saginaw Buena Vista.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Anchor Bay and L'Anse Cruese North Game Recap

Macomb, MI --  This was the second game of the Crusader tournament.  The winner of # 27 Anchor Bay and # 15 L'Anse Cruese North would play Orchard Lake St Marys in the championship game.

After Anchor Bay was handled by Chippewa Valley last week, they looked to come back with a big win over L'Anse Cruese North.  At the end of the first quarter the score was 21-18, Anchor Bay looked a lot better than the previous game against Chippewa Valley. 

The score going into halftime was 32-32 as Anchor Bay lead for the last few minutes of the second quarter.  Anchor Bay's, Brandon Padgett who had 10 points ran into foul trouble and sat for awhile.  Taiwan Jones was harassed pretty much all night by L'Anse Cruese North on defense.

Neither team was really to get any rhythm on offense to start the second half.  Five minutes went by and both teams scored 5 points each.  At the end of the third quarter the score was 44-42 L'Anse Cruese North.  At the time, Calvin Curry of L'Anse Cruese North had 11 points, Anchor Bay's Taiwan Jone's had 11 points and  Anthony Smith had 10 points.  

Through the fourth quarter, L'Anse Cruese North extended the lead and up 52-46 with 3 minutes left, Anchor Bay committed 4 straight charging fouls.  To receive one of the charges was Ryan Lombardo who had Jones in lock down for a portion of the game, Lombardo had this to say about his defensive effort, "Normally that's how I am on defense because I don't score very much, I pride myself on defense. We were coming into the game looking to shut him down because we knew he (Jones) was a threat."  With one minute left, Anchor Bay's Zach Hite hit two free throws to cut the lead to five points but it was not enough as L'Anse Cruese won 61-52.

Lombardo had to say about the win for the Lancers, "It was definitely a big win for us, it was like a statement game. It shows that even though we lost people last year who were key to a lot of our success, we're still here. And we're still going to come out every night and compete to our best ability no matter who our opponent is. " With LCN winning they moved onto play Orchard Lake St Marys, Lombardo finished with a comment about the game, "I'm looking forward to the game tonight and the rest of the season. It's going to be a dog fight every game."

Bottom Line:

L'Anse Cruse North:
Khail Watson - 17 points
Calvin Curry - 14 points
Ryan Lombardo - 5 points
Craig Smelley - 14 points
Drew Isabell - 4 points

Anchor Bay:
Taiwan Jones - 15 points
Anthony Smith - 10 points
Eric Bramos - 3 points
Brandon Padgett - 10 points

Orchard Lake St Marys vs Cousino Game Recap

Macomb, MI -- The Crusader tournament featured: Orchard Lake St Marys, # 8 Cousino, # 27 Anchor Bay and the hosts, # 15 L'Anse Cruese North.  The first game was underway by 6 p.m. it was St. Marys against Cousino.

After two plus minutes, neither team was able to knock any shots down until, St. Mary's, Corey Lucas finally scored  the games first points, over the next 2 minutes, St. Marys would extend the lead to 7-3.  After a Cousino timeout St Mary's quickly scored 6 more points to make the score 13-3.  At the end of the first quarter the score was 17-8 St. Mary's.  The Eaglets, Sam McClendon led all scorers with 8 points.

Cousino was able to respond in the 2nd quarter as Kyle Kent knocked down a few baskets for the Patriots, with the score 25-23 Cousino forced a turnover and Ben McCord was all alone and dunked the ball to tie the score at 25-25.  With several St. Mary's players running underneath him as he held onto the rim he was given a technical foul.  The St. Mary's player missed the two free throw attempts.  Cousino lead 33-30 heading into halftime and now Justin Barrows from St. Mary's led all scorers with 12 points.

To start the third quarter both teams exchanged baskets for the first 5 to 6 minutes, as both teams scored 9 points each.  In the final 2:45 in the third quarter, St, Marys went on a run that narrowed the deficit to 44-43 as they went into the fourth quarter.

Again both teams exchanged baskets as St Mary's tied the game at 50 each with 4:50 remaining.  A minute later they were ahead 52-50. Cousino would then not be able to catch up as St. Mary's went up 56-52.  Cousino had a chance to tie the game but the buzzer beating did not fall.  St. Marys would win 60-57.

Bottom Line:

Justin Barrows - 25 points
Sam McClendon - 16 points
Kyle Kent - 12 points
Ben McCord - 20 points

Jake Mitchell - 2011 NG

The Muskegon Big Reds have been one of the most consistent schools in the state when it comes to winning football games.  They have made the playoffs every year since 2000 and won three state titles in between. The losing seasons in Muskegon’s history are hard to find, since 1950 their record is 405-176 and 10 ties.  In 2007 they moved into the Ottawa Kent Red division, which some people, especially out on the west side of the state, would say is the best conference for high school football in Michigan which also features Rockford, Holland West Ottawa and Grand Haven. The key to a team’s success is often how well a defensive line can control the line of scrimmage.  I was able talk with Muskegon nosegaurd and long snapper, Jake Mitchell.  Mitchell received all area honors and was honorable mention for All Ottawa Kent Team.

To start off the season Muskegon had to travel several hours out to Macomb County which is about twenty miles north of Detroit to play state powerhouse, Dakota.  They knew how big the game was and that it could very well have match two teams who would be in the state finals in their own divisions.  Mitchell had this to say about traveling to Dakota, "We were excited to play a team like Dakota. We are always excited to play east side powerhouses. We were a total mismatch for them and we felt we could beat them."  Dakota won the game 20-23 and would eventually fall to Cass Tech in the regional finals. Muskegon can seek revenge on Dakota in 2011 when they play August 26 in Muskegon.

Before the season starts Muskegon goes on a four day camp which was a highlight for Mitchell,  "One of the best experiences I have had as a Big Red was going to 'veer camp' and being able to spend four days with my team and bond with my teammates and coaches."

The expectations in Muskegon are set pretty high especially after two 14-0 seasons in 2006 and 2008.Iin 2009 their record was 7-4 and 2010 their record was 8-4.  The past two seasons, Muskegon has had two different head coaches which can make it tough on the players to fully grasp the coaches' philosophies and playbooks. Also sometimes it takes a few weeks or even a season for players to either fully gain confidence or respect for their head coach. Mitchell reflected on the situation, "I feel that given our circumstances with two coaching changes in the last two years and how my particular group of kids was never expected to go anywhere? I think we did a great job. We were a good team; we just fell short in some games."

One of Muskegon's biggest games annually is the meeting with Rockford.  In 2010 the rivalry was brought to a new level as they moved the game to Fifth Third Ballpark, where the Detroit Tigers Single A Affiliate, Grand Rapids Westcaps play. Muskegon came into the game with four straight wins after falling to Dakota in week one.  Mitchell discussed the rivalry, "Rockford and Muskegon go back to the early part of the decade where we met in the playoffs in 2001 and 2002. We knocked them out both years. The rivalry continued in 2007 when Muskegon joined the Ottawa Kent RED. Since 2007 Rockford leads the series 3-1. The series is tied 3-3 overall. The rivalry is exciting no matter where it is played, being at Fifth Third just added to the hype, it was more exiting to the public than it was to us."

Muskegon then went on to lose one game the rest of the year and that was against Grand Haven. They would win their first two playoff games, putting up 42 points both games.  The regional final was a big rematch with defending State Champions, Lowell, who eliminated Muskegon the previous season, 26-19. When Muskegon won the finals, they eliminated Lowell two of those seasons, so there have been a little rivalry going here. During the week leading up to the game I saw comments from Muskegon players who wanted to get back at Lowell from eliminating them the previous season. Mitchell's comments on the rivalry explain the significance of the match-up to the players, "We were very excited to play Lowell. Lowell versus Muskegon has become a huge rivalry and we are always excited to be in that game. We were upset about losing in the playoffs so close to the state finals, but the most painful part was losing to Lowell knowing that they were only half the team we were."

The noseguard position requires someone who is really tough and makes the sacrifice of opening up holes for other players to either shoot the gaps or bring pressure to the quarterback.  Most people who think they know football only look at key positions like Defensive End, Linebacker, Safety, Quarterback, etc. People in Muskegon realize how hard Mitchell plays and works at his position, as noted when he said, "My team recognizes my efforts. I am looked up to as a leader, and our fans recognize my efforts, mostly because I play noseguard at 5'8 180."

With Mitchell's senior year coming to an end with the defeat against Lowell, he shows his commitment to his team and to the game by helping upcoming Muskegon players out, "I plan to stay in the weight room with the younger kids and help them get stronger and teach them how to work hard. I am excited to see how these kids grow through the offseason." Winning programs often require hard work from each class so they must pass it down to the others because it is often the classes above them who taught them what they know today. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MAC Basketball Scores from Week 3

December 20th

# 3 Warren Mott beats # 26 L'Anse Cruese 54-49
Detroit King beats # 19 Grosse Pointe South 82-52
# 18 South Lake beats # 11 Lakeview 43-35
# 13 East Detroit beats Royal Oak 62-41
# 10 Dakota beats Redford Union 54-27

December 21th

# 15 L'Anse Cruese North beats # 27 Anchor Bay 61-52
Orchard Lake St Mary's beats # 8 Cousino 60-57
# 13 East Detroit beats # 10 Dakota 56-54
Flint Carman-Ainsworth beats # 32 Eisenhower 57-49
Richmond beats # 24 Marine City 52-29
# 20 Clintondale beats Eaton Academy 74-51
# 36 Lake Shore beats # 18 South Lake 48-38

December 22nd

# 27 Anchor Bay beats # 8 Cousino 53-51
# 20 Port Huron Northern beats # 25 Port Huron 59-39
# 5 St. Clair beats Croswell Lexington 46-39
# 11 Lakeview beats # 36 Lake Shore 47-44
Orchard Lake St Mary's beats # 15 L'Anse Cruese North in overtime 65-62

December 23rd

Algonac beats # 24 Marine City 60-48
# 20 Port Huron Northern beats # 5 St. Clair 51-39
# 25 Port Huron beats Croswell Lexington 61-48

That is it for the week in MAC basketball, the Week 3 D Zone Power Rankings will be up on Saturday.

John Jackson - 2011 OL

Often times an offense is only as good as the offensive line.  The offensive line opens holes for the running backs and gives the quarterback enough time for the wide receivers to get open downfield.  For Detroit Cass Tech this season they were able to amass 497 points in 13 games played.  A big reason for the success of the offensive line, if you look at other offensive lines, is the left tackle position.

In the NFL Shaun Alexander, previously of the Seattle Seahawks, broke the NFL single season record for most rushing touchdowns and ran a majority of his touchdowns over the left tackle. In 2006 when LaDainian Tomlinson broke Alexander’s record with his 29th rushing touchdown, it was off of the play call “Power 50”, where the fullback blocks a linebacker and left tackle Marcus McNeil seals an opening for the outside.  For Cass Tech, this season, that position was owned by the 6’4 290 lbs of John Jackson.  Not only did Cass Tech’s 497 points set a school record, it nearly doubled the previous highest record of 290 points in 1974. 

In December, 2010 John Jackson committed to the Western Michigan Broncos for football. Jackson committed right before Christmas during the week of finals.  It just happened to be a coincidence, “after they offered me I waited a month give it time. I prayed about it, God showed me it was the right place, my family likes it and I like it also.”  Most of the time when the athletes go to school they have to feel comfortable with the coaching staff, since most of the time it is the coaching staff who will be with them for the next 4-5 years.  Part of the reason why Western Michigan was the right fit for Jackson was the coaches. When I asked Jackson how the relationship was with the coaches, he commented, “After Western offered me I just created a bond with them, with Coach Campbell and Coach Stanley. When they came to my home it wasn’t like they were trying to get me to come to Western. I just felt real comfortable around them and that is what I liked.”

Jackson also visited Southern University and Ball State.  With Ball State’s head coach, Stan Parrish being fired, Jackson eliminated them.  Jackson knows that he needs to be open minded when it comes to the position he may play, “Offensive line, probably guard or tackle I am very versatile I can play any position and I will probably be redshirting the first season.”  Besides feeling comfortable with the coaching staff I asked Jackson why he chose Western Michigan, he responded, “Education was the first thing that stood out. The school wasn’t too big or small it was the right size and football-wise they needed lineman and I want to play no matter what.” I also asked Jackson what the coaches told him, when he committed to them, they said, “That my dream is becoming a reality and it was the right place for me.”

Jackson,  left tackle and Cass Tech's line dominated Fordson.
John Jackson will forever remember his days as a Cass Tech Technician; he will join a group of heavily respected and recruited players who are either in the NFL or playing college football currently.  I asked Jackson how Cass Tech prepared him to move onto the next level, he replied, “Cass prepared me by working hard, by going to class, being a student before an athlete, working out every day and not settling for less.”  Although Cass Tech was eliminated in the semi-finals it was still a season the seniors will never forget.  Jackson mentioned his greatest memories were winning titles and most importantly playing with his brothers, “My best memory at Cass Tech was playing with Delonte Hollowell, Kishon Wilcher, Sekou Shorter, Keith Moore and Keenan Smith. We are best friends who all enjoyed the game together.  I will never forget winning four championships in one year: Public School League – 1 Title, City Championship, Districts and Regional titles.” 

I also had a few more questions about the season for Jackson, before games and during halftime versus Fordson, Cass Tech uses a chant to get pumped up and it is Jackson who normally starts it.  I asked him to describe it, “I say 'are you ready' they yell 'Yeaaaa' it is a ritual we do to get the team hyped, it was passed down by former Technician William Campbell, who is playing at Michigan now and we continued doing it every year since.” I asked Jackson if he had anything to say about Cass Tech and what they have accomplished this year.  His response reflected his pride in his school and city, “People say inner-city teams are not good or we don’t have good programs. I think we proved that this year that Cass Tech is one of the best teams in the state even though a lot of people doubted us.” Jackson also finished with a message, “If you keep God first and work hard you can do whatever you want.”

In five years if everything works out for Jackson, he will either be drafted or about to be drafted, I asked him what his goals are and he said, “Earn a degree in business, start for at least three years and hopefully get drafted to the Detroit Lions; they need help.” Maybe it will be Jackson at the left tackle position who will spring Jahvid Best or whoever may be the Lions running back for a record breaking season or better yet, the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.”

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The D Zones MAC Power Rankings Week 2

Last week I told everyone that, this week's would be more clearer and accurate.  From what I came up with they look much better. Week 1 Rankings are on that link but do not think the changes mean anything.  Hope everyone enjoys this.  You should share it with everyone so people can agree or disagree with them, raise some discussions.  Do not forget these are power rankings, meaning its weekly and its from a formula.

MAC Conference Rankings: BlueGold, White, Red and Silver.

1. Utica Ford (3-1) - This week beat Roseville (0-2)  Ford stays at #1
2. Madison Heights (3-0) - This week beat Detroit Midown Academy (0-2) [+2]
3. Warren Mott (3-0) - Beat Sterling Heights (1-3) [-1]
4. Utica (3-0) - Won twice this week [+5]
5. St. Clair (3-0) - Beat Romeo (0-3) [-2]
6. Fitzgerald (2-1) - Upset Lincoln (2-1) [+8]
7. New Haven (2-0) - Beat Armada (1-2) [-2]
8. Cousino (2-0) - Capped off Romeo's (0-3) dreadful week [-1]
9. Lincoln (2-1) - Cannot take care of Fitzgerald (2-1) [-3]
10. Dakota (1-1) - Buzzer beating lay knocks off Port Huron (1-1) [+14]
11. Lakeview (1-1) - Beats Armada (1-2) [+6]
12. Chippewa Valley (1-0) - Destroyed Anchor Bay (0-2) in season opener
13. East Detroit (1-0) - Took care of Southfield Lathrup (0-2) in season opener
14. Fraser (1-1) - Due to a cancelled game, they did not play this week [+1]
15 L'Anse Cruese North (1-0) - No game this week [-7]
16. Sterling Heights (1-3) - Finally won vs Stevenson (1-2) in the toughest schedule so far in the MAC [+3]
17. Warren Woods Tower (1-1) - Beats Center Line (0-3) [+6]
18. South Lake (1-0) - No game this week [-6]
19. Grosse Pointe South (1-2) - Lost to UD Jesuit (1-0) [-6]
20. Port Huron Northern (1-1) - Dakota (1-1) sent them back on a long bus ride back home. [-9]
21. Clintondale (1-0) - No game this week [-11]
22. Clawson (1-0) - Made a miserable week for Lutheran High North (0-3) in season opener
23. Stevenson (1-2) - Took 3 games until they won vs Mt. Clemens (0-2) [+6]
24. Marine City (1-1) - Upsets Croswell Lexington (2-1) [+7]
25. Port Huron (0-1) - No game this week [-10]
26. L'anse Cruese (0-1) - No game this week
27. Anchor Bay (0-2) - Did not come close to beating Chippewa Valley (1-0) [-6]
28. Roseville (0-2) - Could not come back vs Ford (3-1) [+2]
29. Grosse Pointe North (0-3) - Lost to Rochester Adams (2-0) [-9]
30. Romeo (0-3) - Lost twice this week [-8]
31. Mt. Clemens (0-2) - Lost to Stevenson (1-2) [-6]
32. Eisenhower (0-2) - Lost to Utica (3-0) [-4]
33. Lamphere (0-2) - No game this week [-6]
34. Center Line (0-3) - Lost to Warren Woods Tower (1-1) [-14]
35. Marysville (0-2) - Lost to Richmond (2-0) [-3]
36. Lake Shore (0-2) - Lost to Notre Dame Prep (1-0) [-3]

Teams rankings go down or up depending on how former opponents do.

Roseville and Utica Ford Game Recap

Sterling Heights, MI -- This MAC crossover game was the first game both # 30 Roseville (0-2) and # 1  (3-1) Utica Ford played in a week.  Both Ford and Roseville lost last Friday and were looking to get back on  track.  For Roseville they have not won but this was only their second game.  Ford ran into some problems against Troy and was looking to regroup.

The game started really late due to the girls game being played ahead of this game.  Ford immediately went to their bread and butter, scoring inside.  Both Aaron Cox and Shane Ellis scored early and had several defensive rebounds, with 1:49 remaining in the first quarter the score was 12-6 Ford.  To end the first quarter both teams scored making the score 14-8.

The second quarter went back and forth, with 2 minutes remaining until halftime the score was 24-18.  Ford would go into halftime leading 28-20, there was only one timeout called  the whole entire half.

To start the third quarter Ford again was able to dominate in the inside as they lead 35-22 not even two minutes into the quarter.  The next two minutes again were back and forth, the score was 44-30 with four minutes left in the quarter.  In the the next three minutes, Roseville used a 8-4 run, pushing the score to 48-38 with one minute before the quarter ended.  They would also add four more points, making the score 48-42.

In the fourth quarter Ford came out with a few baskets, extending the lead to 54-42 with 6:15 left.  With five minutes remaining both teams added 3 points, making the score 57-45.  Roseville would start edging closer and closer to coming back, Ford had several turnovers late in the game.  Roseville scored 7 points in less than minute to make the score 61-56 with 1:37 remaining. With 1:12 left, Roseville's Traye Williams hit a three pointer that bounced off the rim, off the board and rolled around the rim, that cut the lead to 63-59 but four points was the closet Roseville would get to Ford all night besides when Ford was up 2-0.  Ford wins 70-62 after Roseville purposely fouled the remaining two minutes.  This was the second game of the season Ford was winning the whole entire game.

Roseville's next game is 12/28 at the Chippewa Valley Tournament
Ford's next game is 12/30 a scrimmage at John Glenn 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

DeAngelo Barrow - 2011 RG

Game after game in the playoffs, The Plymouth Wildcats did the unthinkable to many so called experts in the state.  Plymouth will forever be known as the team who upset rival, Canton; defending state champion, Catholic Central; and West coast powerhouse, Rockford in the 2010 playoffs. 

Plymouth opened its doors in 2004 and since then has been consistently been getting better.  They have had two losing seasons overall and this 2010 class was led by future Michigan Wolverines' defensive end, Brennen Beyer and future Notre Dame kicker, Kyle Brindza.  I was able to talk with one of Plymouth's other captains, DeAngelo Barrow who plays right guard and defensive end.

This was Barrow's second year on the varsity after missing most of last season due to an injury that required surgery. Barrow feels the leadership of coach, Mike Sawchuck is one of the reasons why Plymouth was able to be so successful.  This is what he had to say about the team, "I think hard work and loving each other made the program successful. We were one of the closest teams in the state. We cared for each other and bought in to what Coach Sawchuck was saying every day."

Plymouth's first test in the playoffs was against Saline who they took care of easily and then they played rival Canton, for the second time this season. In the regular season, Canton beat Plymouth, 36-0, but the playoffs showed that Plymouth was up to playing the higher stakes' game and was able to beat them 17-7.  They would need a late minute field goal in the next round to beat Catholic Central 9-7.  Against Rockford, Brennen Beyer caught a last-second touchdown and they won 20-17. Barrow tried to describe his feelings for what the wins meant to him, “The feeling I felt after upsetting the four teams to get to the state finals was, just about indescribable. I was just in awe, but excited at the same time because it meant our hard work was paying off." Barrow noted the good and bad highlights when he stated, "The highlight of our season good: probably making it to states. The highlight of our season bad: would probably be losing to Canton and Howell. That just showed that on any given Friday we can be beat just like any other team and that we cannot get to full of ourselves." 

After three straight seasons of going 6-4, many people wondered if Plymouth was going to take it to the next level, with several Division 1 athletes on the roster and other players who understood their role on the team.  Barrow explained their pre-season expectations "Coming into the season, we knew what we were capable of and we knew we could go far because of the hard yet worth it training Coach Sawchuck put us through in the off season but I don’t know if anyone expected to go to Ford Field."

With Brennen Beyer always lined up on the opposite side of the defensive line, I asked Barrow if he has received less attention from the offensive lineman because of Beyer and he reflected, "Not really because it’s always a competition playing alongside Brennen because he is such a good athlete. It is a race to the play and towards the middle of the season I focused more on offense and Brandon Landers played defense." When I asked Barrow what his personal goals at Plymouth were, he responded, "I’m never content with what I do because I can always do more. Most of my expectations were to win, get better every day, have a great time, and get ready to play for the next level."

The only expectation he has not accomplished besides getting better every day, is playing on the next level but that time will come soon enough and I asked a few more questions about what his future on and off the football field holds. With this being a crazy season, especially in the playoffs, most of these players learned lessons they will never forget, as exemplified by Barrow's words, "I have learned to always be humble. When you get a win act like you have been there before. Those who brag are the first to go down next week. I have also learned to be mentally tough and to love my team because they are my family."

Barrow's 5 and 10 year goals are notable for any high school student, "My goals 5 years from now are to be finishing up college and entering Law School. 10 years from now I hopefully plan on being done with Law School and working for a law firm, establishing a name for myself and the firm I’m working for." There are several schools that have shown interest in Barrow to have him on their team including: Mount Union University, Siena Heights University, Ferris State University, Robert Morris University, Ohio Northern University, and Adrian University. 

Barrow has been looking around at the schools that have shown him interest.  These are the schools he has visited unofficially: Siena Heights, Robert Morris and Mount Union.  In the next month he plans to visit Ferris State, Ohio Northern and Saginaw Valley.  Besides football, I asked Barrow what he is looking for in a school; this is what he looks at, "In a school I look for diversity, great academics, great coaches, a good campus and a good area." He is keeping his options open, however and weighing what each school has to offer before making his decision.  Barrow now has his list narrowed to two schools: Sienna Heights and Ferris State. He does not know when he will make his decision, this is what he had to say about committing, "I do now know when I will make my decision but it will not be in December. It most likely will be signing day."

February 2nd, 2010 is when high school players can sign their letter of intent.  Early enrollees will already be enrolled in a university before signing day. Stay tuned on The D Zone and Facebook/ Twitter for Barrow's commitment and other players in Michigan.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MAC Basketball Scores from Week 2

There were no MAC games played on Monday and all games on Tuesday were rescheduled for a later date.  Some were played on the 15th. If any scores are different let me know and if you want to help inform me of scores or updates, contact me please. (Click here to contact)

December 14th

Detroit U-D Jesuit beats # 13 Grosse Pointe South 60-50

December 15th

Chippewa Valley beats # 21 Anchor Bay 81-55
# 19 Sterling Heights beats # 29 Stevenson in overtime 54-51
# 5 New Haven beats Armada 62-32
# 3 St. Clair beats # 22 Romeo 50-47
# 9 Utica beat # 28 Eisenhower 66-58 in overtime
Rochester Adams beats # 20 Grosse Pointe North 48-47
Center Line beats South Lake 73-55

December 16th

# 14 Fitzgerald beats # 6 Lincoln 72-60
Clawson beats Lutheran High North 41-32
# 24 Dakota beats # 11 Port Huron Northern 79-78
# 31 Marine City beats Croswell-Lexington 41-34
East Detroit beats Southfield-Lathrup 65-60

December 17th

# 1 Utica Ford beats # 30 Roseville 70-62
# 4 Madison Heights beats Midtown Academy 68-43
# 7 Cousino beats # 22 Romeo 67-63
# 9 Utica beats Lutheran High North 43-29
# 29 Stevenson beats # 25 Mt. Clemens 57-53
Notre Dame Prep beats # 33 Lake Shore 62-35
# 23 Warren Woods Tower beats # 18 Center Line 56-46
Richmond beats # 33 Marysville 59-58 in overtime
# 17 Lakeview beats Armada 51-35
Warren Mott beats Sterling Heights 51-44

Clawson, East Detroit and Chippewa Valley are not ranked because they did not play last week.

Anchor Bay and Chippewa Valley Game Recap

Clinton Township, MI -- The Chippewa Valley Big Reds waited a week for their first game of the season.  On Wednesday they finally kicked off the season, by convincingly beating #21 Anchor Bay (0-2) 81-55.  Anchor Bay was without Taiwan Jones.  Chippewa started the scoring early and they scored late to extend their lead.

Chippewa started fast, with one minute gone in the game, they led 7-2.  A few minutes later they were up 16-6.  Chippewa was scoring on pretty much every shot and drawing fouls.  With 4:35 left in the first quarter, Anchor Bay's head coach, Chad Gira called timeout to try to regain the teams composure. Two minutes went by and the only points were, 5 points by Chippewa Valley.  Anchor Bay would hit a late 3 pointer to end  the first quarter but the score was 22-15 Chippewa.  They were completely dominating and yet Anchor Bay was not out of the game.

Anchor Bay faltered in the second quarter and five minutes went by and all Anchor Bay could show for it was 2 points.  With 3:20 remaining in the second quarter the score was 36-17.  The next few minutes before the break Anchor Bay would respond but the halftime score was 41-27 Chippewa.

Again Chippewa struck fast and Anchor Bay was on their heels, with three minutes into the third quarter the score was 48-30.  Chippewa kept looking to extend  the lead and with 2:40 remaining in the third quarter the score was 58-37.  Chippewa again would add onto the lead before the fourth quarter, they went up 65-41 heading into the final quarter.

The final score was 81-55 Chippewa Valley wins but #23 Joe Bastone had 16 points and #33 Nick Gregory had 22 points and 11 rebounds. Trent Jax hit a couple three pointers and finished with 17 points.

Chippewa Valley's next game is 12/28 at home versus Warren Woods Tower
Anchor Bay's next game is 12/21 at L'Anse Cruese North

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The D Zones MAC Power Rankings Week1

I know these probably will cause a lot of controversy but this is not my opinion it is simply based off of strength of schedule, opponents record, the opponents of those opponents record and based off of how strong a MAC Division is.  The MAC is made up of up 5 divisions and after week 1 this is how the divisions rank from strongest to weakest: MAC Blue, MAC Gold, MAC White, MAC Red and MAC Silver.

Click on this link to join the discussions for everything on here or comment on the bottom of the page.  Its okay if you put your 2 cents in.

If there is anyone who wants to do a separate poll, kind of like coaches poll let me know and we can do it just like they do for College sports. I could do it myself but it would be more interesting if more people joined in.

And again do not forget this is all results from an equation, I am simply translating it.

1. Utica Ford (2-1) - Ford opened with a win at Sterling Heights (0-2) and a win at home vs Fraser (1-).  Their loss was at Troy (2-0).

2. Warren Mott (2-0) - Mott defeated Lakeview (0-1) and Grosse Pointe North (0-2)

3. St. Clair (2-0) - Wins over Port Huron (0-1) and Marine City (0-1)

4. Madison Heights (2-0) - Beat rival Lamphere (0-2) and Highland Park (0-1)

5.  New Haven (1-0) - Defeated Almont (1-1)

6. Warren Lincoln (1-0) - Win against Armada (1-1)

7. Cousino (1-0) - Beat Sterling Heights (0-2)

8. L'Anse Cruese North (1-0) - Defeated rival L'Anse Cruese (0-1) in the Coaches vs Cancer Game.

9. Utica (1-0) - Defeated Dakota (0-1)

10. Clintondale (1-0) - Beat Stevenson (0-1)

11. Port Huron Northern (1-0) - beat Anchor Bay (0-1)

12. South Lake (1-0) - defeated Harper Woods (0-2)

13. Grosse Pointe South (1-1) - Lost to Liggett University (2-0) but responded with a win over Harper Woods (0-2).

14. Fitzgerald (1-1) - Was beat by Catholic Central (2-0) but defeated Roseville (0-1) a few days later.

15. Fraser (1-1) - Lost a heart breaker against Ford (2-1) but came back and beat Lake Shore (0-1).

16. Port Huron (0-1) - Lost to St. Clair (2-0)

17. Lakeview (0-1) - Loss to Warren Mott (2-0)

18. Center Line (0-1) - Lost to Hazel Park (2-0)

19. Sterling Heights (0-2) - Had 2 tough losses to Ford (2-1) and Cousino (1-0)

20. Grosse Pointe North (0-2) - Lost to De La Salle (2-0) and a few days later lost to Warren Mott (2-0)/

21. Anchor Bay (0-1) - Lost to Port Huron Northern (1-0)

22. Romeo (0-1) - Lost to Davison (1-0)

23. Warren Woods Tower (0-1) - Lost to Brother Rice (1-0)

24. Dakota (0-1) - Lost to Utica (1-0)

25. Mt. Clemens (0-1) - Lost to Southfield (1-0)

26. L'Anse Cruese (0-1) - Lost to L'Anse Cruese North (1-0)

27. Lamphere (0-2) - Lost to Madison Heights (2-0) and Allen Academy (1-1)

28. Eisenhower (0-1) - Lost to Rochester Adams (1-0)

29. Stevenson (0-1) - Lost to Clintondale (1-0)

30. Roseville (0-1) - Beat by Fitzgerald (1-1)

31. Marine City (0-1) - lost to St. Clair (2-0)

32. Marysville (0-1) - Lost to Algonac (1-0)

33. Lake Shore (0-1) - Lost to Fraser (1-1)



Chippewa Valley

East Detroit

Once again do not think to much about this, next weeks will be drastically different, the only reason why I am doing it this week is to look back on.  Its tough with such few games played.  Week 2 Rankings will be released Sometime after Saturday the 18th.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nakin Scott - 2014 MLB

Not too often do you see freshman playing Varsity football.  Sometimes there will be freshman on the roster, but only in limited roles, or because the school only has one team; this is not the case for Nakin Scott who starts at middle linebacker for Highland Park.  The Polar Bears play in an independent conference because they cannot find enough teams to fill a 9 game schedule. The other teams in the conference all have the same problem.  The teams in the Catholic League normally have the same problem as well, except teams do not want to play them because they are traditionally good teams.  In 2010 Highland Park played two of the best teams from the Catholic League.

 Nakin Scott was originally the outside linebacker for the Junior Varsity team, but after a scrimmage against Detroit Crockett, he was moved up to the Varsity team. For the first game of the year against Lansing Everett (0-9), Scott started as middle linebacker and Highland Park won the game 7-6.

The middle linebacker position requires a lot of maturity, composure, and leadership abilities since the position is often the focal points of a defense.  Scott had this to say about his thoughts on starting and his confidence at playing the position, "My only thought in the beginning was, am I going to be able to handle the pressure of being put in as a starter over a senior player? My confidence did grow more and more with each game that passed." Scott credited his coaches and teammates for becoming a better leader on the team, "I feel that I have shown leadership thanks to the guidance and help of my coaches and teammates, particularly my good friend and teammate Raymon Taylor."

Picture By: David Fogle
The Polar Bears would then have two tough games on the schedule after Everett, and would have to play state final runner up Orchard Lake St Mary’s (11-3). They played Brother Rice (6-4).  Orchard Lake St Mary’s only 2 losses in the season were against Brother Rice both games.  Brother Rice lost in the opening round of the playoffs to Division 2 winner, Harrison.  Highland Park then lost a close game to Muskegon Heights (6-5). Highland Park would then win its next three games against Muskegon Catholic Central and two games against Inkster (2-7).  In one of the games against Inkster, Nakin Scott had a game saving tackle at the two yard line and had 7 sacks against Inkster.  For the season he averaged 3 sacks a game.

Highland Park went 4-3 for the season and had some scheduling problems; this is what Scott had to say about the situation, "Not qualifying for the playoffs because of a paperwork error versus not being good enough was like being hit by a truck. There was nothing anyone could do. I especially felt the anguish of my fellow teammates who were seniors and were stripped of their possible state championship to take with them to college. I would never want to experience anything like that again." When I asked Scott what was his lowest and highest points of the season, he responded with, "My lowest point of this season when I got the news that our season was striped from us and my highest point of this season was when we won our homecoming game, which was our unexpected last game of the season and I took that team picture with all of my teammates."

When Nakin Scott is a senior, he is bound to have plenty of college coaches recruiting him, as long as he maintains his work ethic and continues to improve.  Three years is a long way from now but it leaves the door open for plenty of work. Nakin has to say about his 5 and 10 year goals, "By the time I graduate, I hope to have had the best 4 years of Varsity than any other student. I will strive to maintain a high GPA so that I will have a wide variety of choices as to what college I will be attending to pursue football and my Psychology major. Hopefully 10 years from now I will be in the NFL and/or practicing psychology."

Sterling Heights and Cousino Game Recap

Warren, MI -- This game was dedicated to the people whose life was taken away or people who are currently fighting cancer.  The game was delayed an hour because of the girls team but was worth the wait. Cousino players wore names on the back of their jerseys, those names were people who the players chose to honor.  Also it was Cousino's first game of the year.

Cousino started the game hot and took an early lead and did not let Sterling Heights (0-2) get ahead, Cousino however committed 6 early fouls.  Cousino's coach took a timeout and let his team know he was not happy about the fouls and threw down his clipboard.  The Patriots responded by playing great on defense and cut down on the fouls.  The score at the end of the first quarter was 15-15.

In the second quarter Ben McCord the future Ball State football commit hit several 3 pointers giving Cousino momentum and they played solid defense to lead 32-22 heading into halftime.

During the third quarter both teams were able to pretty much score at will, as Cousino took a 15 point lead but Sterling Heights kept crawling closer and closer to cut the deficit to 7 as the quarter ended.  #2 on Sterling Heights, Abel Sullivan scored as the buzzer sounded to end the third quarter, with a slam dunk.  The score at the end of the third quarter was 49-42.

In the fourth quarter Cousino again extended the lead but Sterling Heights came back making the score close.  There were probably 5 combined blocked shots by both teams.  It was a great game atmosphere, both crowds screamed back and forth at each other.  During timeouts a Sterling Heights fan came down to the court and started dancing (WATCH).

With 3:44 remaining in the game, Cousino lead 62-49, after McCord hit another big 3 pointer.  Sterling Heights responded by cutting the lead to 10 with 2:13 left, the score was 64-54.  With less than minute remaining Sterling Heights was down by 8 but for the second time this week, elected not to foul the other team.  Cousino would win by the score of 66-60 and Cousino fans sang goodbye to Sterling Heights fans (WATCH).

Sterling Heights next game is 12/17 vs Warren Mott at home
Cousino's next game is 12/17 at Romeo