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Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Day in Marine City Mariners History

Also a team with Halloween colors, lets see what their history looks like.

2008 - Marine City starts the playoffs a 9 game winning steak against Richmond (6-4) and extended it to 10 games with a 35-0 shutout win.  The next week they lost 42-49 to Clintondale.

2003 - Marine City (8-3) starts the playoffs with a 37-20 win over Marysville (9-1).  Their only loss of the season. The following week Marine City would eliminated by Richmond.

1997 - On the last game of the season, Marine City (5-4) falls to Anchor Bay (6-3) 14-27.  Did not make the playoffs this season.

1986 - Marine City (7-2) defeats Lutheran High North (4-5) 28-0.

1980 - Marine City (2-7) wins their last game of the year against Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett (5-4) 20-14, which ended a 5 game losing streak.

1975 - Marine City (2-7) wins their final Saint Clair - Area Conference game against Port Huron Central (3-6) 14-7.

1969 - Marine City (0-8) falls to Chippewa Valley (7-2) 0-52 on the last game of the year.

1958 - Marine City (3-5) losses to Port Huron Saint Stephen (6-1-1)

1952 - Marine City (5-2) defeats Marysville (3-4) 44-6 in a Saint Clair - Area game.

This day in Utica Chieftan History

I missed October 30th for a team, so I will try as many as possible tonight.   Utica gets it today because their colors are black and orange.

1997 - Defeats Romeo (7-2) 6-0 in the last game of the season. To finish 5-4.

1986 - On the last game of the season, Utica (5-4) falls to Eisenhower (8-2) 28-6. Ike would fall to Stevenson the next game of the playoffs 6-7.

1980 - Again Utica (1-8) losses to Eisenhower (5-4) 21-7.

1975 - Utica (6-3) is drilled by Lake Orion (8-1) in the last Oakland A North game of the year, 56-0.

1969 - Utica (9-0) defeats Bloomfield Hills Lahser (5-4) 22-6.  The following year, 1970, Utica would also go 9-0.

1952 - Utica (9-0) defeats Warren (7-1) 20-6, This game would decide the Bi-County conference.

Utica went 7-3 in 2010, their most wins since 2000.  Their all time record is 269-271-11.

Port Huron vs De La Salle Recap

Warren, MI -- The last playoff game of  the week featured Port Huron (5-5) vs De La Salle (8-2) at Fitzgerald High School.  Coming into this game De La Salle was a heavy favorite and Port Huron was one of the last teams admitted into the state playoffs.

De La Salle started the game with the ball and RB #3, Mike Abiragi started it off with a 28 yard run.  RB #6 Damorria Lilly capped the drive off, from 10 yards out with 10:15 remaining in the first quarter, to give De La Salle an early 7-0 lead.

On Port Huron's next drive they went 3 and out.  On the punt, #1 Sterling Johnson returned the ball to the PH 26 yard line.  QB #12 Shane Morris threw a 12 yard touchdown pass to #31 Theodore Maximuk to make the score 14-0 DLS, with 6:42 left in the 1st quarter.

Again Port Huron would go 3 and out. Mike Abiragi returned the punt to the PH 31 yard line, with 5:03 left in the game.  DLS next possession went backwards (32 yards) thanks to a penalty and a blindside hit on Morris, they punted to #18 Cory Hutchinson who made the fair catch at their own 35 yard line with 2:29 left in the first.  Again PH would punt after a 3 and out, DLS would start at their own 35 yard line.

The first play to start the second quarter was a fumble by De La Salle that Port Huron recovered at the DLS 36 yard line.  On the next play Port Huron fumbled and #2 Lucas Khalill returned it to the Port Huron 42 yard line.  On the drive Damorria Lilly had a big run to the outside and on the next play, Mike Abiragi scored from 2 yards out, to give DLS a 21-0, with 10:32 left in the second quarter.

On the next drive for Port Huron, they finally got 2 first downs, but still punted the ball and with a DLS block in the back, set the ball at their own 10 yard line.  They went 3 and out and punted.  A  few plays later QB #7 Justin Black threw a 48 yard pass to Jarret Chapman for a touchdown, however on the extra point, #84 Lyle VanFleteren blocked the attempt. The score with 3:12 remaining in the half was 21-6 DLS.

With 23 seconds left in the half, De La Salle kicked a 37 yard field goal, the score now 24-6.

To start the second half, Port Huron went 3 and out and punted.  Sterling Johnson returned the ball to the 30 yard line, but was assisted with a face mask penalty that moved it to the 15 yard line.  Damorria Lilly scored from 3 yards out to make the score 31-6 DLS with 9:28 left in the third quarter.

Port Huron again would go 3 and out and punt to DLS.  De La Salle too would punt after going backwards 13 yards.  The punt was out of bounds at the PH 16 yard line.  On Port Huron's next possession #68 Kyler Popp, on DLS would sack, Justin Black 2 times.  Forcing a Port Huron punt that would be returned to the 29 yard line.  A few plays would pass and DLS would move the ball to their own 47 yard line as the 3rd quarter expired.

On the first play of the fourth quarter, Shane Morris threw a short pass to #4 Dominic Brugnoni,  he made a few people miss and then outran everyone, for a 53 yard touchdown catch. The score with 11:46 left in the game was 38-6.

With 10:29 left in the game, Jarret Chapman caught a 65 yard pass from Justin Black and they converted the 2 point conversion to make the score 38-14.

De La Salle would take Morris out of the game and put in #15 Joe Loria.  With 5:05 remaining in the game #16 Zac Arketa scored from 8 yards out to make the score 45-14.  Port Huron would score with 2:55 left in the game, #1 Terez Watkins scored from 1 yards out and that would be the final score, 45-21 De La Salle.

De La Salle will play Lake View next week.

Bottom Line:

Shane Morris: 2 touchdown passes
Justin Black: 2 touchdown passes
Damorria Lilly: 2 touchdown runs
Jarret Chapman: 2 touchdown catches

Chandler Park Academy vs Lutheran High North Recap

Macomb, MI -- This game between Chandler Park (7-3) and Lutheran North (8-2) was a story of two different half's.  Lutheran High North jumped out to a 28-0 lead but a furious comeback by Chandler Park would fall short.

Lutheran North received the ball to start the game, LHN attacked the Chandler Park defense with a consistent rushing attack led by RB #4 Zach Bielecki, on the CPA 14 yard line, QB #2 Mike Visbara used play action and found a wide open WR #33 Zach Oman on the first pass of the game.  The drive set a tempo which LHN fed off the whole first half.  The extra point snap was high and the snapper made a good throw to the WR but was out of bounds, with 7:02 left in the first it was 6-0 LHN.

CPA's next possession would be a 3 and out.  With 5:44 left in the first quarter LHN blocked the punt and recovered it at the CPA 20 yard line.  A few plays later Zach Bielecki ran in from 5 yards out to give LHN a 13-0 lead with 5:17 left in the first.

With 38 seconds left in the first and CPA starting to get a little momentum they had LHN in 4th and 11, but the CPA player grabbed Visbara by the horse collar and moved the ball to the 15 yard line.  With 11:06 left in the half, Bielecki scored from 1 yard out to extend the lead to 20-0.  LHN looked in complete control of the game, CPA did not have a first down yet.   On CPA's next possession they fake punted on 4th and 17, the pass deflected off a CPA player and back to another but it was 2 yards shy of the first down.

With 1:09 left in the half Visbara found a wide open #81 Eric Hecker from 16 yards out.  They faked the extra point to make the score 28-0.

The real turning point was early in the 3rd quarter when #5 on CPA Marquis Dorsey broke loose for a huge run play, CPA would be stopped on 4th down but, their QB Mike Visbara was playing on defense and got hurt and never returned to the game.

After 2 back to back fumbles, CPA had the ball at the LHN 12 yard line, after a timeout, RB #1 on CPA Deshaun Phillips ran to his left breaking numerous tackles to score a 12 yard run,  they would convert the 2pt conversion, due to no field goal kicker.  With 3:16 left in the 3rd quarter the score was 28-8 LHN.

With 11:12 left Bielecki fumbled the ball and CPA recovered the ball at the LHN 32 yard line.  Thomas Jones recovered the loose ball.  With 9:47 left in the game Deshaun Phillips scored from 1 yard out after Dorsey threw to the WR who made an insane catch at the 1 yard line.  The score was now 28-14, LHN still felt comfortable, but you could see CPA was in total control on offense and defense.

3 minutes later Dorsey threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to Csonte York, who also made a ridiculous catch in the back of the end zone, on the 2 point conversion they handed the ball off to Phillips he was met immediately by a group of Mustangs but kept moving the pile and the refs blew the whistle just as he broke loose and ran in, but the whistle blown the play dead. The score was now 28-20.

Lutheran High North was shutdown on offense pretty much all half long and on 3rd and long LHN attempted a HB option pass and Bielecki threw into 4 man coverage, it was York who came up with another big catch for CPA, this time on defense.  3 plays after the interception Phillips scored from 1 yard out.  On the 2 point conversion to tie the game, they did a play action pass and and 2 CPA players were wide open, but the one dropped the ball that was not thrown that well.  The Mustangs had the ball with 5:30 left in the game.

Lutheran North again would punt the ball and set CPA deep in their own territory but on a 4th and 1, Dorsey threw an interception to Zach Oman that would seal the win for Lutheran North,  LHN went to knee the ball but #21 on CPA Vincenzo Pentecost knocked over the LHN players, his coach pulled him from the game.

After Lutheran High North escaped narrowly from Chandler Park Academy, they have their work cut out for them when they travel to Madison Heights, arguably their toughest game yet.  Madison Heights and Florida commitment, Valdez Showers had 335 yard and 5 touchdowns on the ground last week for Madison, if Visbara cannot play for LHN,  someone new will need to step up.

Bottom Line:

Visbara: 2 pass touchdowns
Bielecki: 2 rush touchdowns
Dorsey: 3 touchdowns (1 pass and 2 run)

Conference Breakdown Week 9

ACC (Previous Week 1-0)(Overall 25-16)

1 - 0 NC (12-1)
1 - 0 Independents (3-2)

Big 12 (Overall 38-9)

Big East (Overall 25-17)

Big 10 (36-8)

Conference USA (Previous Week 0-1)(Overall 19-23)

1 - 0 Independents (1-2)

Independents (Overall 14-9)

1 - 0 NC (2-0)
0 - 1 Conf USA (2-1)
0 - 1 ACC (2-3)

MAC (Previous Week 0-1)(Overall 14-33)

1 - 0 Sun Belt (1-1)

Mountain West (Overall 17-20)

PAC 10 (Overall 23-10)

SEC (Previous Week 1-0)(Overall 31-5)

Sun Belt (Overall 4-26)

0 - 1 MAC (1-1)

WAC (Overall 24-17)

College Football Week 10 Rankings and Predictions

Week 9 predictions I was 42/55 = 76%.  A couple upsets and things we learned.  Missouri is not that good as we/I thought. MSU is a team that got some lucky breaks, Wisconsin at home early in the year, but they lost their biggest road game of the year.  Miami reaffirms what I have said since the start, they are not good.  Florida's offense is starting to find an identity and Oregon/ Auburn are by far the 2 best teams this year, regardless of possibly losing to Alabama.

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Utah
6. Alabama
7. Oklahoma
8. Wisconsin
9. Nebraska
10. Missouri
11. Ohio State
12. Stanford
13. LSU
14. Oklahoma State
15. Arizona
16. Michigan State
17. South Carolina
18. Iowa
19. Missisippi State
20. Arkansas
21. Hawaii
22. Nevada
23. North Carolina State
24. Florida State
25. Virginia Tech

Next Vote: Syracuse, Maryland and Baylor

Previous Week Drops: Kansas State (25) and Miami (22)

Week 10 Predictions

Arkansas State over Middle Tennessee
Rutgers over South Florida
Ohio over Buffalo
Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech
Central Michigan over Western Michigan
UCF over Houston
Florida over Vanderbilt
Fresno State over Louisiana Tech
Michigan over Illinois
Colorado over Kansas
Arizona over Stanford
North Carolina over Florida State
Iowa over Indiana
Michigan State over Minnesota
Northwestern over Penn State
North Carolina State over Clemson
Maryland over Miami
Oregon over Washington
Wisconsin over Purdue
Virginia over Duke
Syracuse over Louisville
Air Force over Army
Georgia over Idaho State
Kentucky over CSU
Oklahoma State over Baylor
Auburn over Chattanooga
Ball State over Akron
Tulsa over Rice
Temple over Kent State
Utah State over New Mexico State
Nebraska over Iowa State
Boise State over Hawaii
Navy over East Carolina
Boston College over Wake Forest
Utah over TCU
Tulane over Southern Miss
California over Washington State
UAB over Marshall
Florida Atlantic over Western Kentucky
Nevada over Idaho
Wyoming over New Mexico
LA Monroe over Florida International
Oregon State over UCLA
Mississippi over LA Lafayette
Texas A&M over Oklahoma
Troy over North Texas
Arkansas over South Carolina
Alabama over LSU
Tennesssee over Memphis
Kansas State over Texas
Missouri over Texas Tech
San Diego State over Colorado State
USC over Arizona State

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Twitter Scoreboard

Week 10 Game Of The Week

Sterling Heights, MI -- With playoffs beginning this week, the game between Utica Ford (6-3) hosting Anchor Bay (6-3) was filled with extra emotions, from Anchor Bay's star player, Taiwan Jones.  Jones said, "Ford got lucky the first game."  In the first game, with time running out Anchor Bay was called for a questionable pass interference call and Ford would later score and win.

Anchor Bay and Ford both had real similar strength of schedules, their region is pretty loaded now remaining is Dakota, Cass Tech and Fordson.  Ford will meet Dakota the first weekend of November for the chance to play the winner of Fordson and Cass Tech.

For once to start the game it was Anchor Bay who received the ball to start the game, usually Ford's opponents drive on them to start the 3rd quarter, but Ford had the advantage this week.  Ford would stop Anchor Bay's first 3 plays and force a punt.  Ford would drive and Lamb would add a 25 yard run, but on the next play a fumble would be recovered by Anchor Bay. Ford would rebound by stopping Anchor Bay on 4th down at the 40 yard line.

Berthet would pin Anchor Bay deep in their territory, on the ensuing possession for Anchor Bay, #44 on Anchor Bay Melvin Bailey would bust a huge run up the middle but fumbled the ball and Ford recovered at their 40 yard line.  2 plays later Ford would attempt a slant but Taiwan Jones deflected it and caught it for an interception. 3 turnovers in the first 2 minutes.

With 8:23 left in the 2nd quarter Mike Saba found #24 Eric Posavetz 28 yards out, on the previous reception during the drive, Eric Posavetz became Ford's all time career reception leader.  Berthet would add the extra point and give Ford a 7-0 lead.

With 1:42 left in the half, DJ Edwards caught a Hail Mary that was thrown by QB #17 Zach Hite from his own end zone, for an interception and took it to the 45 yard line of Anchor Bay.  It was not really a Hail Mary but you could see he was getting pressured and just threw the ball as long as he could, hoping Taiwan Jones would bail him out.  With 17 seconds left in the half Ford was punting and the snap sailed over Berthet's head, but he picked it up and booted it.  With a second left, Anchor Bay downed ball  to go into half down by 7.

Ford would receive the ball to start the 3rd quarter and wasted no time getting down field, the drive was capped by a 1 yard run, by Mike Saba with 8:42 left in the 3rd to give Ford a 14-0 lead.

On Anchor Bays next possession DJ Edwards got his second interception of the night and again returned it to the Anchor Bay 45 yard line.  Ford's first play was a 45 yard touchdown pass to Eric Posavetz and with 7:40 left in the 3rd quarter, Ford led 21-0, in complete control of the game so far.

With time running out in the 3rd Ford would again fumble and be recovered at the 4 yard line.  With 46 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Zach Hite threw a 3 yard pass to Taiwan Jones, who broke loose from the Ford corner back and cut the deficit to 21-7. Ford would take the kickoff 40 yards after Posavetz broke loose from tacklers until finally dragged down inside Anchor Bay territory.

With 10:43 left in the game Ford throws an interception that halted a good looking drive.  Anchor Bays next possession resulted in a 4 and out.  The Tars had 4th and 1 but gave to ball to Jones on the outside and Dalonte Blackburn was there to tackle him for a 5 yard loss.

With 6:43 left in the game Ford would fumble the ball 2 yards away from the end zone giving Anchor Bay a chance to remain in the game.  They would drive 98 yards and score, Taiwan Jones of course capped it off from 2 yards out, but Anchor Bay's pass offense was non existent all night, they took 4 minutes off the clock and with 2:15 left attempted an onside kick, but Ford players fell on the loose ball.

Now all Ford had to do was run the ball and make Anchor Bay use their 2 timeouts, instead Ford passed the ball for most the drive, Anchor Bay did have to use their 2 timeouts, but Ford punted the ball to Anchor Bay. Anchor Bay for the millionth time was given another chance to remain in the game, but they could not afford to run the ball this late in the game and Dalonte Blackburn intercepted Hite's pass with 30 seconds left, Ford downed the ball to secure a rematch with Dakota next week.

With Anchor Bay's 2010 season coming to a close, it makes their all time record since 1950:  229-287-10, Ford now leads the all time series 12-4 and have won the previous 7 games they have met.

Bottom Line:

Mike Saba: 3 touchdowns (2 pass and 1 rush)
Eric Posavetz: 2 touchdown catches
Taiwan Jones: 2 touchdowns (1 catch and 1 rush)
DJ Edwards: 2 interceptions
Aaron Cox: 3 Sacks (now leads MAC white with 7)

Romeo and Utica Recap

Washington Township, MI --  #1 team in the area Romeo defeats Utica 70-42.  Thanks to my friend Willy G for the first half summary, This is what happened.

"Utica starts at 27, punts to the romeo 22. Romeo opens the drive with a 43 yard pass, 3 plays later. 4 yard touchdown run by #37 Ryan Burkard.

Utica starts at the 35 yard line, 33 yard pass on 3rd an 9 to #7 Shane VanFleteren, QB #10 Connor Hinebaugh throws an interception to #4 Zach Bellas. Romeo starts at their 44, 3 plays later, #7 Blake Laurain throws a 22 yard pass to #11 Darryl Johnson, 21-0 Romeo.

#15 on Utica, Quavontae Smith returns the kick to the 41 yard line of Romeo, 2 passes to VanFleteren and a flag gets the ball to the 10 yard line. On 3rd and goal from the 13, Hinebaugh passes a touchdown to #12 Sedrick Jones and Romeo's lead is cut to 21-7.

Romeo starts at the 20, They drive down the field, but punt from the 45 yard line to the 10 yard line.   Utica then goes 3 and out and P #17 Jeff Adkins, punts only 30 yards to the 40 yard line.  36 yard pass from #7 Blake Laurain to #1 Brian Roth on 3rd and 6.

With 9:35 in the 2nd Utica's Quavontae Smith returns the ball 43 yards to the 47 yard line, 5 plays later, Hinebaugh throws a 18 yard screen pass to VanFleteren to the 22 yard line. 2 plays later Hinebaugh throws a 20 yard touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone to Shane VanFleteren to make the the score 28-14, Romeo leads with 6:43 in the 2nd.

After Adkins kicks the ball into the end zone for a touch back, on the drive Ryan Burkard has a 38 yard run and would be tackled at the Utica 26 yard line.   Laurain throws a pass caught by #10 Taylor Bynaert and was tackled at the 3 yard line. On the next play they pitch to Burkard for an easy 3 yard touchdown run.  4:35 remaining in the half.

Utica would start from their 26, #3 on Romeo would pick off Hinebaugh's pass and return it to the 15 yard line.   With 2:38 remaining in the half, Burkard would score from 6 yards out.

After the kickoff Utica starts at the 27, a 13 yard run by #20 Adrian Harris to the 40, but leads to a punt.  with 46 seconds left  Utica DB #4 Ankit Desai has an interception but Utica runs out the clock before halftime and settles to be down 42-14 going into halftime.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 10 Twitter Scoreboard

This Day in Utica Ford Falcons history

2010 - Plays Anchor Bay in first round of state playoffs.

2004 - Ford (6-5) defeats Port Huron (7-3) 50 - 34, in the first round of the playoffs and drops to Chippewa Valley the following week.

1993 - Ford (5-4) drops a crossover game vs Stevenson (10-2) on the last week of the season, 21-10.

1982 - Ford (4-5) ends its 5 game losing steak and 4 game losing steak in Macomb National Conference to, Sterling Heights (1-7) 34 - 13.

1976 - Ford (5-4) losses 3 - 0 to Lake Orion (7-2) in Oakland A North play.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Day in Romeo Bulldogs history

This is the first post I have done on this, we will see how it goes and go from here. You people should start to comment, it does not hurt anyone.

2005 - After escaping Chippewa Valley by 2 points on the last game of the season Romeo put its 8-1 record on the line vs 7-2 Lake Orion in the playoffs, Orion would win by 2 points, 14-12 and 2 weeks later lose to State Champion, Dakota, which drew over 10,000 fans.

1994 - Romeo (4-5) lost Port Huron Northern (6-3) on last game of the season and it would be their second consecutive 4-5 season.

1988 - Romeo (7-2) the MAC white champions looked for their seventh win of the year vs Utica (3-6) and they did just that beating Utica 21-13.

1983 - Romeo (4-5) beat Utica Ford (5-4) 14-7 in the last game of the season of conference play.  The Macomb - American was dominated by Fraser (8-1) that season.

1977 - Romeo (9-0) went into the last game of Oakland A North division play versus a 6-3, Eisenhower team that won its first 5 games but dropped 3 games and won the last game of the year, Romeo's previous 2 games were against Lake Orion and Chippewa Valley.  Romeo won those 2 games by a combined score of 87-6 shutting out Chippewa.  Romeo would win this game 9-6 and shutout Avondale the next week for 9-0 record.

1966 - Romeo (6-2) beat Oxford (4-3-1) 18-0,  to lock up the Tri County Conference championship.

1960 - Romeo (2-7) losses 29-0 to Tri County champion, Roseville (8-1), Romeo lost all Tri County games this season, this Roseville Wildcat team last played in 1988, The Roseville Panthers started in 1989, if someone can find an explanation I will post it here.

1955 - Romeo (8-1) beat (3-5) Rochester 20-13, it lists Romeo as league champion, but does not list which league they were a part of.

Romeo lost to Ike in 2nd round of playoffs and makes their record 322-229-10 since 1950.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soccer Regionals Oct 27, 2010

Troy, MI -- A day after the games were rescheduled, the teams and the fans were ready for the match to begin.  It would of created an interesting match up depending on who would win, coming into the game.  The 4 teams left in the region were: Brother Rice, De La Salle, Eisenhower and Stevenson.  Brother Rice and De La Salle both play in the Catholic League.  Eisenhower and Stevenson play in the MAC.

I normally do not cover soccer, but since its late in the season and have passion for soccer, I choose to come to this game and see a bunch of people I used to go to school with.  I missed the earlier game but Eisenhower beat Brother Rice 2-1. Ike would play the winner of De La Salle and Stevenson.

The wind apparently from what I heard played a role in the first game, you would have to assume that would also effect this game.  The wind was strong about 30 mph from South to North. On goal kicks and when the goalie punted the ball, you could see the ball stop and fall straight down.  Stevenson used the wind to their advantage in the first half sending balls past the defenders and setting up numerous chances.  Stevenson hit the cross bar about 15 minutes into the game and was in complete control of the game.

With 23:29 left in the first half, Sophmore, Leandro Dedndrejaj took a shot from the right side and it found the back of the net on the back post, to give Stevenson a 1 point lead.

Stevenson later would have chances but never was able to score.

The second half was pretty boring the first 25 minutes, both teams kicked the ball back and forth. Stevenson had a 2 on 1 breakaway but a bad pass was kicked away by the remaining De La Salle defender.  About 10 minutes left, De La Salle lobbed a ball to Forward Mike Moscone who one timed it, but his shot was right at the goalie.  That was their only quality chance, with a minute left, De La Salle had a corner kick and the ball went wide left.  As the clock expired the Stevenson players ran onto the field and later a few students joined them.

Stevenson will meet Eisenhower in the regional finals, the 2 MAC teams are not rivals, but always play each other since they are in the MAC - Red.

Utica vs Romeo Preview

Utica's (7-2) first playoff appearance since 2005, will be against a top 10 team in Division 1, Romeo (8-1).  The winner of the MAC's two conferences will meet in this intriguing match up.  Utica has had its best season since 2000, when they won 8 games.  While Romeo looks to add its 9th win for the first time since 1992, when they finished with 10 wins.

If anyone has watched Romeo this year, they know the big plays will come from Runningback #37 Ryan Burkard, who is a threat every play.  Romeo does not rely as heavily as you would expect on Burkard, they are able to stay balanced and pass efficiently, the 8-1 record is a proof.  WR #1 Brian Roth, is a threat the score from any spot on the field.

Utica loves to run the ball and cause confusion, using a similar offense to the college team Mississippi State.  Utica use's a trio of running backs who all have different ways of hurting the defense and using WR's on sweeps and play action.  Their big play threat is #7 Shane VanFleteren who will be their downfield threat.  Utica utilizes their wide receivers into the passing game, their big plays are usually WR throwing to VanFleteren down field.  They really do try keep defenses guessing and see if they are disciplined.

Romeo leads the all time series 32-21-3 since 1950, Romeo dominated the previous 40 years. From 1950 to 1970 Utica lead the series 13-5-3 and since then they have only won 8 times in 40 years.

It will be Romeo's 11th playoff appearance since 1978 and they have been in the playoffs every year since 2003.

Utica will make its 4th appearance since 1990. They were not in  the playoffs from 1950-1989. Utica also has not won a playoff game.

If Utica wins it will make their all time record .500, currently they are 269 W, 270 L, and 11 ties.

MAC Predictions Week 10

Starting last week, I went 14/18, a few surprises like Madison Heights losing but it will be tough this week with Predictions for the MAC.

Eisenhower over Rochester - 7
Romeo over Utica - 10
Dakota over Roseville - 21
Ford over Anchor Bay -3
De La Salle over Port Huron -14
Lakeview over Port Huron Northern - 7
Martin Luther King over East Detroit - 6
Detroit Cody over Grosse Point South -7 (meets spread)
Lake Shore over St Joseph - 14 (meets spread)
Fitzgerald over Southwestern - 10
Marine City over Clintondale - 28
Lamphere over Lexington - 10
South Lake over Country Day -3
Madison Heights over Clawson - 28

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Port Huron vs De La Salle Preview

October 30th, Port Huron (5-4) meets De La Salle (7-2) at Fitzgerald High School at 7pm.  Port Huron and De La Salle are no strangers this season to playing tough teams.   Port Huron has played some of the best teams in the MAC: Madison Heights, Eisenhower, Cousino and Clintondale.

This is De La Salle's fifth straight playoff appearance and 9th appearance since 1994. For Port Huron it is their third straight playoff appearance.  It is the Big Reds fifth appearance since 2003.

Harper Woods Chandler Park vs Macomb Lutheran High North Preview

This Saturday at 1 pm, Lutheran High North looks to continue its good season, both teams come into the game 7-2.

It will be the first time Lutheran High North is in the playoffs since being eliminated by Madison Heights in 2007. It is also the first year Lutheran High North is in the Catholic League, previously in the metro league.  It will be their 8th appearance in the post season since 1990.

It is Harper Woods 2nd full season in the MHSAA, they will be in for the second straight year, 3 years ago they went 0-2, and 7-3 the next year, the third loss, coming in the post season.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prep Bowl 2010 Game 3 (AB)

Detroit, MI -- This was the premier game of the event, the hottest team arguably in the state, Brother Rice (6-3) vs Orchard Lake St Mary's (7-2). St Mary's only 2 losses this season were to Brother Rice.

Brother Rice started the game with the ball and took it straight down field and scored with 8:17 left in the quarter. Wide Receiver #8 scored on a 22 yard catch from QB#15 Tyler Lendzion.

With 7 seconds in the 2nd quarter, St Marys would score to tie the game at 7 all.  Quarterback #2 Michael Koenigsknecht would run 13 yards for a touchdown.

With time running out in the 2nd quarter, St Mary's would be pinned deep,  Brother Rice blocked the punt at the 4 yard line but failed to score a touchdown.  With 4:59 left, Brother Rice kicked a 27 yard field goal to make the score 10-7.

To start the 2nd half, St Mary's would go down the field and with 6:44 left in the quarter, #2 Michael Koenigsknecht threw a 37 yard touchdown pass to WR #1 Allen Robinson and Orchard Lake led 14-10.

With 5 minutes and 25 seconds left in the game, backup Brother Rice QB #10 Alex Murrary threw a 50 yard touchdown pass that WR #8 Matthew Ogren caught with his finger tips.

Orchard Lake would not go down easily down by 3 points with over 5 minutes to play, Orchard Lake drove down field and used a hook and lateral to get closer down to the goal line.  After Brother Rice shut down Orchard Lake, it brought up a 4th down at the 2 yard line.  St Mary's would not go for the tie, instead tried to punch it in, #2 Michael Koenigsknecht handed the ball off to RB #9 Cortez Riley who was met by the future Central Michigan linebacker, Tim Hamilton.  Riley tried to move the pile of players but the whistle was blown and with 6 seconds left, Brother Rice ran 1 play to run out the clock and seal the win.

Prep Bowl 2010 Game 2 (CD)

Detroit, MI -- The second game of the Prep Bowl featured Detroit Loyola (8-1) versus Royal Oak Shrine (6-3).  This game started off just right for one team and not good for the other.

On the first play from scrimmage, Loyola Running back #25 Tony Fant, found a hole in the line and sped through it and down the Shrine sideline for a 77 yard touchdown run, Loyola QB #15 Montel Cooks ran into the end zone to convert the 2pt conversion.

With 5:54 left in the first quarter, Loyola was deep in Shrine territory when Montel Cooks threw a 33 yard touchdown pass to Tony Fant.  The 2pt conversion attempt was good and Loyola led 16-0.

With a minute 44 left in the quarter both teams threw back to back interceptions, Then 8 seconds into the 2nd quarter Loyola's option pass went behind the line of scrimmage and Shrine jumped on the loose ball.

With 6:46 left in the half, the other Loyola QB #5 Tyrone Jarret ran in from 5 yards out to complete a 5 play 35 yard drive and missed the 2pt conversion. The score heading into halftime was 22-0 Loyola.

Montel Cooks would run the ball in 12 yards out with 4 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, the 2pt conversion was good giving Loyola a 30-0 lead.

After a 54 yard interception return for Loyola, at the Shrine 7 yard line, it took Loyola 2 plays, until RB #23 Jaylin Gaddie ran in from 5 yards out, he also scored on the 2pt conversion and with 8 minutes left, it would be the last of Loyola's 38 points.

With 2:58 left in the game Shrine QB#12 Conner Francek threw a 15 yard touchdown pass to WR #21 Jack Wangler, Francek also attempted  the extra point but it hit the post and went wide.

There was a scare in the first quarter, when Shrine freshman star, #23 Jared Wangler dove to tackle the Loyola QB but hit his head on a Loyola offensive lineman.  It took several minutes to get him off the field, and he did not return.

Prep Bowl 2010 Game 1 (AA)

Detroit, MI -- The first game of the Prep Bowl featured 2 teams from Catholic League AA.  Divine Child came into the game (7-1), losing only to, Catholic Central.  Ann Arbor Father Gabriel Richard, whose only loss a few weeks ago was to Divine Child.

I was running a little late after parking quite a ways from the box office.  But I was able to get myself situated and not miss any scoring,  The game went back and forth to start the game, with neither team getting any points.

With 6 seconds left in the first half, Divine Child, kicker Andrew Fulan missed wide left.

Divine Child started the 3rd quarter with the ball, but was for nothing as they fumbled at their own 24 yard line.  On the first play for Gabriel Richard, Quarterback #2 Don Eaton found WR #5 Joey Birchler in the end zone for a touchdown, with 11:06 left in the 3rd quarter.

A few minutes later, Gabriel Richard was driving again and QB Don Eaton ran 26 yards, but the play was done over again because of a false start.  On the next play Divine Child CB #3 Jimmy Hughes intercepted the ball at his own 9 yard line.

With 2:15 left in the game and Gabriel Richard driving again, Don Eaton scrambled to his left and down the sideline.  As he went in the 5 yard line made a lunge for the end zone, but the ref ruled he was out at the one yard line.  The next play he QB sneaked it in to give Fr. Gabriel Richard a 14-0 lead which would be in the final score.

Anchor Bay vs Utica Ford Preview

Rematch some might like to call it, mostly the kids from Anchor Bay are calling it that.  This first round district game between Anchor Bay (6-3) and Utica Ford (6-3), was a crossover game, from week 5, 5 weeks ago, both teams probably will not forget that game, anytime soon.  Utica Ford scored with 16 seconds left, to shock Anchor Bay.  For most of the game,  Ford's offense was no where to be found, most of the 1st half and the last possession of the game (whole 2nd half).  Anchor Bay's sensational running back, who is verbally committed to Michigan State, Taiwan Jones had this to say about the last game and what it will take to beat Ford this week, " Our defense in the first half, we spotted them 14 points but in the second half we shut them down besides the last drive, we have everything corrected and ready for whatever they throw at us."

On the other hand, Ford was beating themselves with penalties for mostly the whole game, Ford's star running back, Anthony Saurine had this to say about that game, "Anchor Bay was a good game but we didn't play to our potential, we have gotten a lot better since then and we just know if we execute and do what we were taught were going to win any game."  Taiwan Jones also had this to say about that previous game and what he thinks about the rest of the season for the Tars, "They got lucky, thats just the plain fact. Everybody thinks Anchor Bay is a pushover, but this year is our year. We have built something special and its time for Anchor Bay to be back on the map. It begins Friday when we show the true Tars."

Last week Ford gave up 35 straight points to Dakota, which sealed the win for the Cougars, Saurine had this to say about that game and if it will have any effect on the Anchor Bay game, "Well it was maybe our sloppiest game yet with all the penalties and turnovers, after a strong first quarter we couldn't keep rolling and get in a good offensive and defensive rhythm, this week that loss is completley behind us and we are all about the playoffs now."

Ford prevailed in the previous meeting 21-20, click on this link for the game recap. 

This will mark the 16th time Ford and Anchor Bay have met.  The first time they will ever meet in the playoffs.  Ford leads the all time series 11-4.  The first time the 2 teams played was in 1990 when Ford won 6-0.  Ford has won the previous 6 games in the series dating back to 2004.

Anchor Bay has lost their 3 games this year, by a combined score of 8 points.  Anchor Bay finished tied in the MAC Blue with Grosse Point South at a 4-1 division record and lead the conference in points scored all season at 243. Jones had this to say about being the playoffs, "I am extremely excited to be in the playoffs, first time in 6 years for the school.. I believe we can pull it through as a team. We are coming to play each and every down for 48 minutes."

Utica Ford fell short of MAC White title, by falling to Utica 3 weeks ago, like Anchor Bay, they led their conference in scoring, they racked up 281 points this year.  Saurine had this to say about being more consistent offensively, "Our offense works when everyone does there job and keeps the penalties to a minimum."

Jones says to beat Ford it will take, "Total team effort and keep playing defense like we've been playing. Ford is a solid team that we respect and hopefully they respect us. We are coming to play smash mouth football each down."

This is Ford's first playoff appearance since 2006, and 7th time in the post season, This will be Anchor Bay's first appearance since 2004, they made the playoffs 5 times in between 2004 and 1999. In 2002 they went 5-4 and was not good enough to be in.  This will be their 6th time in the post season.

Taiwan Jones is confident he has Anchor Bay primed to make a run deep into the state playoffs, he had this to say about defeating Ford, "We are a much faster team along with being injury free. We have better team unity, and better athletes personally.  So it should be a interesting game, our goal is to come out on top."

This game will be played at Stevenson High School, In Sterling Heights, considered Fords home field.  Game time is 7pm Friday, October 29th, 2010.  

Week 1 of the playoffs

The playoffs are about to begin and unfortunately I will only be able to make it out to 3 games this weekend.

1. Anchor Bay vs Ford (Stevenson h.s.) 7pm Friday
2. Harper Woods Chandler vs Macomb Lutheran High North 1pm Saturday
3. Port Huron vs De La Salle (Fitzgerald h.s.) 7pm Saturday

Still looking for people to help cover some games, all I need is someone from any game to send me text updates of scores and other stuff so I can keep everyone on Facebook, Twitter and etc updated. So comment on the bottom or on facebook to let me know if you can help.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Division 1 Seedings


Traverse City West (6-3) at Rockford (8-1)
Holland West Ottawa (7-2) at Grand Haven (8-1)

Brighton (6-3) at Howell (6-3)
Hartland (6-3) at Holt (6-3)


Ann Arbor Pioneer (5-4) at Canton (9-0)
Saline (6-3) at Plymouth (7-2)

Detroit Mumford (5-4) at Detroit Catholic Central (7-2)
Livonia Franklin (7-2) at Northville (8-1)


Davison (7-2) at Lake Orion (8-1)
Grand Blanc (6-3) at Clarkston (7-2)

Rochester (6-3) at Utica Eisenhower (8-1)
Utica (7-2) at Romeo (8-1)


Detroit Southeastern (5-3) at Detroit Cass Tech (9-0)
Dearborn Fordson (7-2) at Dearborn (9-0)

Roseville (6-3) at Macomb Dakota (7-2)
New Baltimore Anchor Bay (6-3) at Utica Ford (6-3)

Division 2 Seedings


Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills (6-3) at Greenville (8-1)
Grand Rpaids Forest Hills Central (6-3) at Muskegon (6-3)

Lowell (7-2) at Grand Ledge (9-0)
Portage Central (8-1) at Portage Northern (8-1)


Bay City Western (6-3) at Midland Dow (8-1)
Fenton (6-3) at Midland (7-2)

Holly (6-3) at Walled Lake Central (8-1)
Walled Lake Western (7-2) at Rochester Adams (7-2)


Birmingham Brother Rice (6-3) at Farmington Hills Harrison (9-0)
Farmington (7-2) at Berkley (8-1)

Port Huron (5-4) at Warren DeLaSalle (7-2)
St. Clair Shores Lakeview (6-3) at Port Huron Northern (7-2)


Allen Park (6-3) at Wyandotte Roosevelt (9-0)
Southgate Anderson (8-1) at Temperance Bedford (9-0)

East Detroit (5-4) at Detroit Martin Luther King (6-3)
Grosse Pointe South (5-4) at Detroit Cody (6-3)

Division 3 Seedings


Cadillac (6-3) at Petoskey (8-1)
Marquette (7-2) at Bay City John Glenn (8-1)

Cedar Springs (6-3) at Mt. Pleasant (9-0)
Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern (5-4) at St. Johns (7-2)


Fruitport (7-2) at Zeeland East (9-0)
Stevensville Lakeshore (7-2) at St. Joseph (7-2)

Byron Center (6-3) at East Grand Rapids (9-0)
Grand Rapids Christian (6-3) at Hastings (7-2)


Fowlerville (6-3) at Mason (8-1)
DeWitt (8-1) at East Lansing (7-2)

Milan (6-3) at Adrian (8-1)
Chelsea (6-3) at Battle Creek Harper Creek (7-2)


Auburn Hills Avondale (6-3) at Hazel Park (8-1)
Lapeer East (7-2) at Orchard Lake St. Mary's (7-2)

Carleton Airport (5-4) at Redford Thurston (7-2)
Detroit Southwestern (6-3) at Warren Fitzgerald (6-3)

Division 5 Seedings


Reed City (6-3) at Menominee (6-3)
Standish-Sterling Central (5-3) at Grayling (7-2)

Hemlock (6-3) at Morley-Stanwood (9-0)
Saginaw Swan Valley (6-3) at Freeland (7-2)


Muskegon Heights (5-4) at Grant (7-2)
shelby (7-2) at Muskegon Oakridge (7-2)

Wyoming Kelloggsville (6-3) at Grand Rapids West Catholic (8-1)
Portland (6-3) at Stanton Central Montcalm (8-1)


Olivet (7-2) at Buchanan (8-1)
Hopkins (7-2) at Jackson Lumen Christi (7-2)

River Rouge (6-3) at Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard (8-1)
Stockbridge (7-2)at Onsted (8-1)


Capac (6-3) at Millington (8-1)
Almont (7-2) Birch Run (8-1)

Clawson (6-3) at Madison Heights Madison (7-2)
Harper Woods Chandler (7-2) at Macomb Lutheran North (7-2)

Division 4 Seedings


Ogemaw Heights (5-4) at Kingsford (8-1)
Alma (6-3) at Comstock Park (7-2)

Hudsonville Unity Christian (6-3) at Zeeland West (8-1)
Spring Lake (7-2) at Grand Rapids Catholic Central


Allegan (7-2) at Paw Paw (8-1)
Otsego (7-2) at Edwardsburg (8-1)

Vicksburg (7-2) at Lansing Sexton (8-1)
Battle Creek Pennfield (8-1) at Middleville Thornapple Kellogg (8-1)


Williamston (8-1) at Lansing Catholic (9-0)
Goodrich (8-1) at Linden (7-2)

Clinton Township Clintondale (6-3) at Marine City (8-1)
Madison Heights Lamphere (6-3) at Croswell-Lexington (7-2)


Detroit Old Redford (6-3) at Detroit Crockett (8-1)
St. Clair Shores South Lake (8-1) at Detrpot Country Day (8-0)

Melvindale (5-4) at Detroit Central (7-2)
New Boston Huron (6-3) at Dearborn Divine Child (7-2)

Division 6 Seedings


Negaunee (5-4) Elk Rapids (9-0)
Calumet (7-2) at Iron Mountain (8-1)

Maple City Glen Lake (5-4) Suttons Bat (9-0)
Farwell (7-2) Clare (8-1)


Sanford Meridian (6-3) at Ithaca (9-0)
St. Charles (6-3) at Manchester (7-2)

Vassar (6-3) at Montrose (7-2)
Sandusky (7-2) at Flint Beecher (6-3)


Bangor (6-3) at Montague (7-2)
Fennville (6-3) at Hartford (8-1)

Schoolcraft (6-3) at Constantine (9-0)
Hillsdale (6-3) at Michigan Center (9-0)


Laingsburg (6-0) at Ypsilanti Willow Run (6-3)
Leslie (6-3) at Grass Lake (6-3)

Dundee (5-4) at Monroe St. Mary Catholic Central (8-1)
Blissfield (6-3) at Ecorse (6-3)