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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Henry Ford II vs Stevenson Preview

This Friday October 1st, 2010 continues  the rivalry of Ford (4-1) (3-0 Mac-White) vs Stevenson (0-5) (0-3 Mac - Red), for the last couple of years Ford and Stevenson have both played each other at Runkel Field at Stevenson High School.  Stevenson has won the last 2 meetings and last loss a 3-0 game. For the past decade Stevenson lead the series 7-3, Ford is hoping to start the decade off right against its crosstown rival.   Stevenson leads the all time series since 1973,  25-10 only 2 years between then and now they did not meet.  Ford's longest winning streak is 4 games from 1976-1979 and Stevenson's longest streak is 8 games from 1994 playoffs to losing to Ford in 2002.  In 1994 Ford shutdown Stevenson during the regular season, but they met again in the playoffs and Stevenson won and did not lose to Ford until 2002.

After Stevenson lost to Catholic Central last year they have yet to win a game in 2010 a losing streak of 6 after winning 22 out of 24 games, only 2 losses Dakota and Lake Orion in 2008.  With a win on Friday Ford would have its first winning season since 2007 when they went 5-4.  Ford knows it cannot settle for a 5-4 with the beef of  the schedule coming up starting this week.  After Stevenson, Ford faces 4-1 Utica, 4-1 Cousino, and Dakota.  Utica and Cousino are both MAC White opponents, although Ford leads the White, they cannot settle on beating rival Stevenson, or else Cousino or Utica will beat them and overtake them in the standings.

Stevenson's playoffs chances are slim with games vs Chippewa Valley and Romeo in the MAC Red and crossover with Gross Point North. This is Stevenson's first losing season since 2007 when they went 2-7.

MAC Red Standings:
Romeo 3 - 0
Dakota 2 - 1
Eisenhower 2 - 1
Chippewa Valley 1 - 2
Warren Mott 1 - 2
Stevenson 0 - 3

MAC White Standings:
Ford 3 - 0
Utica 3 - 0
Cousino 2 - 1
Roseville 1 - 2
Gross Point North 0 - 3
L'Anse Cruese North 0 - 3

Players on ESPN database.
- Stevenson - ILB - Jon Sulek
- Ford - K - Aaron Berthet

High School Football Schedule 2010

A schedule of whats happened and what I will try to cover. Feedback appreciated.

Week 1 - De La Salle beat Henry Ford 50-12
Week 2 - Romeo beat Dakota 17-10
Week 3 - Dakota beat Chippewa Valley 42-0
Week 4 - Country Day beat Seaholm 28-21
Week 4 - Madison Heights beat New Haven 74-17
Week 5 - Henry Ford II beat Anchor Bay 21-20
Week 6 - Stevenson vs Henry Ford II  40-20
Week 6 - Inskter at De La Salle (Fitzgerald high school) 17-6
Week 7 - Henry Ford II at Utica 20-14
Week 8 - Cousino at Utica Ford 49-28
Week 9 - Utica Ford at Dakota 55-27

* Represents home team

This complete the regular season, I am trying to find playoff/district info, hit me up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

College Football Week 5 Rankings and Predictions

Last week 4 teams in my top 25 lost. Only 1 of them was to a team not in the top 100 evenn hahaa... UCLA lol.
I went 49/58 overall on picks last week, finally getting a few upsets in. An 84% average, which seems to be every week.

Nothing really surprising this week.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Boise State
5. TCU
6. Florida
7. Nebraska
8. Auburn
9. Wisconsin
10. Oklahoma
11. Arizona
12. LSU
13. Stanford
14. Utah
15. Nevada
16. Michigan
17. Missouri
18. North Carolina State
19. Kansas State
20. Oklahoma State
21. Texas A&M
22. Northwestern
23. Michigan State
24. Indiana
25. Arkansas

Next Vote:  West Virginia

Previous Weeks Drops:  Texas (11), South Carolina (16), and West Virginia (19)

Week 5 Predictions 

Oklahoma State over Texas A&M
Utah State over BYU
Baylor over Kansas
Auburn over LA Monroe
Vanderbilt over Connecticut
Northwestern over Minnesota
Clemson over Miami
Florida State over Virginia
Miss State over Alcorn State
Temple over Army
Ohio State over Illinois
Ohio over Eastern Michigan
Mississippi over Kentucky
Kent St over Miami (OH)
TCU over Colorado State
Tulane over Rutgers
Idaho over Western Michigan
Air Force over Navy
UCLA over Washington State
Central Michigan over Ball State
Michigan over Indiana
LSU over Tennessee
Michigan State over Wisconsin (Upset #1)
North Carolina State over Virginia Tech
North Carolina over East Carolina
Bowling Green over Buffalo
Oklahoma over Texas
Pittsburgh over Florida International
Maryland over Duke
UTEP over New Mexico
Northern Illinois over Akron
Oregon State over Arizona State
Georgia over Colorado
Toledo over Wyoming
Texas Tech over Iowa State
Georgia Tech over Wake Forest
Tulsa over Memphis
SMU over Rice
Arkansas State over Louisville
South Florida over Florida Atlantic
North Texas over LA Lafayette
San Jose St over UC Davis
USC over Washington
Notre Dame over Boston College
Boise State over New Mexico State
Oregon over Stanford
Marshall over Southern Miss
Iowa over Penn State
Alabama over Florida
Fresno State over Cal Poly
Nevada over UNLV
Hawaii over Louisiana Tech

Week 5 Game Of The Week

Fair Haven, MI -- This weeks game is Anchor Bay vs Henry Ford II.   The main reason besides being an alumni of Ford was to see Anchor Bay athlete Taiwan Jones play.  After last weeks game at Madison Heights and see future Florida player Valdez Showers it was time to see another D1 caliber player.  I will say this though Madison Heights is a much better team than any team I have seen so far so thats why they destroyed New Haven last week.

Jones is a 6'3 200 lb athlete who is being projected to play safety at Michigan State. He committed to the Spartans in March of 2010.  For Anchor Bay he played a linebacker position to stop the Ford rushing offense.  On offense he was lined up to play WR a few times but mostly a wingback in the offense Anchor Bay ran.

In the first quarter it was mostly a defensive battle but Ford scored on a 26 yard screen pass in the first quarter by #5.  Ford came up with a critical interception in their red zone to keep Anchor Bay off the board.  With 1:13 left in the 2nd quarter, #24 on Ford caught a 32 yard touchdown pass.  The score at half was 14-0 Ford.

To start the 2nd half Ford fumbled and a few plays later Taiwan Jones scored on a 3 yard run.  Anchor Bays field goal kicker hit the post and  missed the extra point.  In the 3rd quarter Taiwan Jones scored on a 9 yard td run and they failed the 2pt conversion.  The score heading into the 4th quarter was 14-12 Ford.

For 9 minutes in the 4th quarter neither team moved the ball up until Anchor Bay's Taiwan Jones scored on a 36 yard touchdown run with 3 minutes left.  This time they did convert the 2pt conversion to make the score 20-14.

The whole 4th quarter Ford's offense did nothing.  Had good field position with a kickoff out of bounds and a fumble recovery at the 45 yard line but both times punted.  Ford drove the ball down the field and a pass interference by Anchor Bay setup Ford to score the winning touchdown by QB #9 with 16 seconds left.  Everyone held their breath but one of the states best  kickers Aaron Berthet calmly sent it through the posts to give Ford a 1 pt lead.  Anchor Bay had 3 chances to score after the kickoff but did nothing with it and the final would be 21-20.

Ford lines up to attempt extra point to take the lead.

Next week I will be at Stevenson, When Henry Ford II hosts Stevenson (Friday 10/1/10)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Conference Breakdown Week 4

ACC (Previous Week 3-4)(Overall 17-11)

2 - 0 Big East (3-1)
1 - 0 NC (11-1)
1 - 0 Sun Belt (2-0)
0 - 1 Independents (2-0)

Big 12 (Previous Week 6-2)(Overall 28-4)

2 - 0 NC (6-1)
2 - 0 Conf USA (6-1)
1 - 0 WAC (5-0)
1 - 0 MAC (3-0)
1 - 0 Big East
0 - 1 Pac 10 (4-1)

Big East (Previous Week 2-3)(Overall 11-10)

1 - 0 NC (9-0)
1 - 0 MAC (2-1)
1 - 0 Sun Belt (2-0)
0 - 1 SEC (0-3)
0 - 1 Big 12
0 - 2 ACC (1-3)

Big 10 (Previous Week 9-2)(Overall 26-6)

2 - 0 NC (9-1)
6 - 2 MAC (11-2)

Conference USA (Previous Week 6-5)(Overall 13-13)

1 - 0 NC (6-0)
1 - 0 MAC (3-1)
1 - 0 WAC (2-0)
0 - 1 MWC
0 - 1 SEC (0-4)
0 - 2 Big 12 (1-5)

Independents (Previous Week 2-1)(Overall 5-4)

1 - 0 ACC (1-1)
0 - 1 Pac 10

MAC (Previous Week 3-6)(Overall 11-16)

2 - 6 Big 10 (2-11)
0 - 1 Big East (1-2)
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-3)
0 - 1 Conf USA (1-3)

Mountain West (Previous Week 1-6)(Overall 9-12)

3 - 1 WAC (4-4)
1 - 0 Conf USA

PAC 10 (Previous Week 6-4)(Overall 19-8)

1 - 0 Big 12 (3-1)
1 - 0 Indepedents
0 - 1 WAC (1-2)

SEC (Previous Week 4-0)(Overall 19-3)

1 - 0 Conf USA (2-0)
1 - 0 WAC (2-0)
1 - 0 Big East (2-0)

Sun Belt (Previous Week 0-5)(Overall 3-16)

1 - 0 NC (2-0)
0 - 1 Big East (0-2)
0 - 1 ACC (0-2)

WAC (Previous Week 4-3)(Overall 12-10)

1 - 0 NC (6-0)
1 - 0 PAC 10 (2-1)
0 - 1 SEC (0-2)
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-5)
0 - 1 Conf USA
1 - 3 MWC

Monday, September 20, 2010

Conference Breakdown Week 3

ACC (Previous Week 4-5)(Overall 14-7)

1 - 0 Conf USA (2-0)
1 - 0 MWC
1 - 1 Big East
0 - 1 Pac 10 (0-2)
0 - 2 SEC (0-3)

Big 12 (Previous Week 11-1)(Overall 22-2)

2 - 1 MWC (5-1)
1 - 0 WAC (4-0)
1 - 0 Pac 10 (4-0)
1 - 0 Sun Belt (3-0)
1 - 1 Conf USA (4-1)

Big East (Previous Week 6-2)(Overall 9-7)

1 - 0 NC (8-0)
1 - 1 ACC
0 - 1 Pac 10 (0-2)
0 - 1 MAC (0-2)

Big 10 (Previous Week 8-2)(Overall 17-4)

4 - 0 MAC (5-0)
1 - 0 NC (7-1)
1 - 0 Independents (2-1)
1 - 0 Sun Belt (3-0)
1 - 0 Conf USA (2-0)
1 - 2 Pac 10

Conference USA (Previous Week 3-3)(Overall 7-8)

2 - 0 Sun Belt (3-0)
1 - 0 WAC
1 - 1 Pac 10
1 - 1 MAC (2-1)
1 - 1 Big 12 (1-3)
0 - 1 ACC (0-2)
0 - 1 Big 10 (0-2)

Independents (Previous Week 1-2)(Overall 3-3)

1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 WAC (1-1)
0 - 1 Big 10 (1-2)

MAC (Previous Week 2-5)(Overall 8-10)

1 - 0 MWC
1 - 0 Big East (1-1)
1 - 1 Conf USA (1-2)
0 - 1 SEC (0-2)
0 - 4 Big 10 (0-5)

Mountain West (Previous Week 2-3)(Overall 8-6)

1 - 2 Big 12 (1-5)
0 - 1 ACC
0 - 1 MAC
0 - 2 WAC (1-3)

Pac 10 (Previous Week 7-0)(Overall 13-4)

2 - 1 Big 10
1 - 0 NC (7-0)
1 - 0 ACC (2-0)
1 - 0 Big East (2-0)
1 - 1 Conf USA
0 - 1 Big 12 (1-3)
0 - 1 WAC (1-1)

SEC (Previous Week 5-1)(Overall 15-3)

2 - 0 ACC (3-0)
1 - 0 NC (4-1)
1 - 0 MAC (2-0)

Sun Belt (Previous Week 1-6)(Overall 3-11)

0 - 1 Big 10 (0-3)
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-3)
0 - 1 Independents
0 - 2 Conf USA (1-3)

WAC (Previous Week 3-4)(Overall 8-7)

2 - 0 MWC (3-1)
1 - 0 NC (5-0)
1 - 0 Pac 10 (1-1)
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-4)
0 - 1 Independents (1-1)
0 - 1 Conf USA

College Football Week 4 Rankings and Predictions

Week 3 was not as good as I liked, but 45 out of 58 is not bad.77%, I went big this week going on 5 upset picks and a few that could of gone either way coming into the week: Cal, MSU, ND etc. Only 4 teams in my top 25 lost and 3 of them were +22. The best game I thought was Arizona holding off Iowa. Most shocking game was MSU and ND.

Here is this weeks after the controversial flip flop at 1 and 2 from last week.

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. TCU
5. Boise State
6. Nebraska
7. Florida
8. Arizona
9. Oklahoma
10. Arkansas
11. Texas
12. Wisconsin
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. Utah
16. South Carolina
17. LSU
18. Texas A&M
19. West Virginia
20. Oklahoma State
21. Michigan
22. Missouri
23. Kansas State
24. North Carolina State
25. Nevada

Next Vote: Temple and Michigan State

Previous week drops: Iowa (4), California (22), Texas Tech (24) and Houston (25)

Week 4 Predictions

Pittsburgh over Miami (Fl)
SMU over TCU (upset #1)
Virginia Tech over Boston College
Connecticut over Buffalo
North Carolina State over Georgia Tech
Northwestern over Central Michigan
Maryland over Florida International
Michigan State over North Colorado
Michigan over Bowling Green
Wisconsin over Austin Peay
Iowa over Ball State
Toledo over Purdue (Upset #2)
Tennessee over UAB
Kansas State over UCF
Virginia over VMI
Missouri over Miami (oh)
Air Force over Wyoming
Duke over Army
USC over Washington State
Alabama over Arkansas
Wake Forest over Florida State
Stanford over Notre Dame
Rutgers over North Carolina
Syracuse over Colgate
Ohio State over Eastern Michigan
Penn State over Temple
Houston over Tulane
Texas over UCLA
Troy over Arkansas State
Idaho over Colorado State
Nevada over BYU
Oklahoma over Cincinnati
Florida over Kentucky
Iowa State over Northern Iowa
Indiana over Akron
Nebraska over South Dakota State
Tulsa over Central Arkansas
Marshal over Ohio
Middle Tennessee over LA Lafayette
Mississippi State over Georgia
Florida Atlantic over North Texas
Kansas over New Mexico State
Southern Miss over Louisiana Tech
LA Monroe over SE Louisiana
South Florida over West Kentucky
Mississippi over Fresno State
Auburn over South Carolina
San Diego State over Utah State
Boise State over Oregon State
Baylor over Rice
Utah over San Jose State
Northern Illinois over Minnesota (Upset #3)
West Virginia over LSU
UTEP over Memphis
Arizona over California
UNLV over New Mexico
Oregon over Arizona State
Hawaii over CSU

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 4 Game Of the Week

Madison Heights, MI -- I wanted  to come out to Madison Heights  to see Florida commit Valdez Showers play.  I did see him play but only for a few plays.  His defense scored a few times and the game was over by a few minutes.  They played New Haven which stood no chance.  After the opening kickoff after a 1 yard run by Valdez Showers, Madison Heights QB Tony Lowry threw a pass to the left for a touchdown. The extra point kick went straight in the air and did not even cross the goal line. After a New Haven punt, Valdez Showers had a 30 yard draw to the left side and then Showers scored from 1 yard.  After an interception RB Denzell Manning scored from 4 yards to make the score 20-0.  On New Havens next drive they threw an interception and returned it 70 yards for a touchdown.  They missed the extra point.  Next possession Isiah Thomas had a 40 yard interception returned and the extra point went under the post. 32-0.  Later in the quarter Denzell Manning scored again and they missed the extra point.  New Haven then drove and hit a 38 yard field goal and the score at the end of the first quarter was 38-3.

A minute into the 2nd quarter Madison Heights scored again and missed extra point, 44-3.  Denzell Manning would score a 70 yard touchdown run.   They missed their 6th extra point.  New Haven would later score a touchdown but fail the 2 point conversion.  Madison Heights would then score and add 2 point conversion.  New Haven WR Tyler Smith had a huge touchdown catch and they converted the 2 point conversion to make the score 66 - 17.  Denzell Manning then added a 30 yard touchdown run and they converted 2 pt conversion.

The final score was 74-17

Next weeks game is Utica Ford at Anchor Bay

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Q&A - Shafer Johnson 2011 DT - Indiana

Recently I caught up with Southfield Christian, Defensive Tackle, Shafer Johnson. In June of 2010 Shafer committed to the University of Indiana. Here is what Shafer said about Indiana, his future and high school football season.

Right before signing day Shafer Johnson de-committed from Indiana and pledged to Central Michigan.

The D Zone - What made you choose Indiana and do you expect to enroll early?

Shafer - "They had everything I needed to get to where I want to be, they had spiritual support, academic support, and the athletics are...Big Ten which is exactly where I wanted to be. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be leaving on time"

The D Zone – Are you planning on Redshirting or compete right away for playing time?

Shafer – “Yea getting redshirted so I can get more clock, and plus I will be in college at 17, I’m 16 now”

The D Zone – Were they any schools that have been recruiting you?

Shafer – “Syracuse really liked me and so did bowling green and Arkansas State, but when I committed they kind of disappeared.”

The D Zone – What are your goals 5 and 10 years from now?

Shafer – “5 years from now I want to be the most feared d tackle in the ncaa, and in ten years be the best in the nfl then be a hall of famer, I want to change the mold of the typical d tackle, they typically are decent run stoppers and don’t get after the qb, I want to be the most feared defender on the team at all times.”

The D Zone – How is your high school team doing right now and is there any game you guys are looking too?

Shafer – “My team now is 0 and 3, but we are a very young team we lost 9 seniors....all starters and there are only 4 seniors now. We are going to try our best to get at parkway Christian and Oakland Christian, those are our rivals. and well the playoffs.........we can strive and to be honest I’m happy either way cuz I’m trying to hone my skills and have fun so I’m doing what I need to do to be ready for the Big Ten.”

 Keep checking back for the latest high school news on Shafer and other players in Michigan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Q&A - Eric Crume 2011 DT

Recently I was able to ask 2011 Defensive Tackle, Eric Crume a few questions about his recruiting and high school football season.  Eric Is one of the states top Defensive Tackle prospects from Detroit Central High School.

The D Zone - Right now its hard to find recruiting info on you, on the web. Is it because you are just a under the radar person and being looked at, but not offered yet? ESPN has you ranked as the 108 ranked OG which is not the greatest ranking but theres players who are not targeting and not even graded, does it motivate you this year to try harder and work for an offer and graded higher?

Eric – “Me being not ranked does motivate me it makes me play with a chip on my shoulder I know I'm one the best DT's I just gave to prove it.

The D Zone - What teams are showing interest right now?

Eric – “The recruiting is good I'm getting intrest from multiple Big Ten schools Big East schools and MAC schools I have a offer from Syracuse.

The D Zone - How is your Detroit Central team doing this season?

Eric – “My team is doing good we are 2-1 we just need to execute and everything will come along.

Keep checking here for the latest high school news on Eric and other players in Michigan.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Season Predictions

After 2 weeks I have seen enough and am ready to update my preseason predictions, not much changed since then besides a few teams.


1. Florida State
2. Clemson
3. Wake Forest
4. North Carolina State
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

1. Georgia Tech
2. Virginia
3. Virginia Tech
4. Miami
5. North Carolina
6. Duke

Big 12
1. Kansas State
2. Nebraska
3. Kansas
4. Missouri
5. Iowa State
6. Colorado

1. Oklahoma 
2. Texas Tech
3. Oklahoma State
4. Texas A&M
5. Texas
6. Baylor

Big East
1. West Virginia
2. Cincinnati
3. South Florida
4. Syracuse
5. Connecticut
6. Pittsburgh
7. Rutgers
8. Louisville

Big 10
1. Iowa
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. Purdue
5. Wisconsin
6. Penn State
7. Illinois
8. Michgan State
9. Northwestern
10. Indiana
11. Minnesota

Conference USA
1. East Carolina
2. Marshall
3. Southern Miss
4. Central Florida
5. UAB
6. Memphis

1. Houston
2. SMU
3. Tulsa
5. Tulane
6. Rice

1. Temple
2. Kent State
3. Bowling Green
4. Ohio
5. Akron
6. Miami
7. Buffalo

1. Toledo
2. Central Michigan
3. Western Michigan
4. Northern Illinois
5. Eastern Michigan
6. Ball State

1. Air Force
2. TCU
3. Utah
4. San Deigo State
5. BYU
6. Wyoming
7.  UNLV
8. New Mexico
9. Colorado State

Pac 10
1. Arizona
2. Oregon
3. Oregon State
4. California
5. Stanford
6. Arizona State
7. Washington
9. Washington State
10. USC

1. Florida
2. Kentucky
3. South Carolina
4. Georgia
5. Tennessee
6. Vanderbilt

1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Mississippi State
4. Arkansas
5. Ole Miss
6. LSU

Sun Belt
1. Troy
2. Middle Tennessee
3. Arkansas State
4. Louisiana Lafayette
5. North Texas
6. Florida Atlantic
7. Louisiana Monroe
8. Florida International
9. Western Kentucky

1. Boise State
2. Nevada
3. Hawaii
4. Idaho
5. Fresno State
6. Utah State
7. Louisiana Tech
8. San Jose State
9. New Mexico State

bolded team represents conference championship winner

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 4 games

2 new games

Birmingham Seaholm vs Detroit Country Day 7pm
De La Salle vs Brother Rice 7pm

New Haven at Madison Heights 7pm

Conference Breakdown Week 2

ACC (Previous Week 10-2)

2 - 1 NC (10-1)
1 - 0 MAC
1 - 0 Conf USA
0 - 1 Big 10
0 - 1 Pac 10
0 - 2 Big 12

Big 12 (Previous Week 11-1)

2 - 0 NC (4-1)
2 - 0 ACC
2 - 0 WAC (3-0)
2 - 0 MWC (3-0)
1 - 0 MAC (2-0)
1 - 0 Sun Belt (2-0)
1 - 0 Pac 10 (3-0)
0 - 1 Big 10 (1-1)

Big East (Previous Week (3-5)

4 - 0 NC (7-0)
1 - 0 Conf USA
1 - 0 Sun Belt
0 - 1 SEC (0-2)
0 - 1 Pac 10

Big 10 (Previous Week 9-2)

3 - 1 NC  (6-1)
1 - 0 Independents (1-1)
1 - 0 WAC
1 - 0 ACC
1 - 0 Sun Belt (2-0)
1 - 0 Big 12 (1-1)
0 - 1 SEC (1-1)

Conf USA (Previous Week 4-5)

1 - 0 NC (5-0)
1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 MAC
0 - 1 ACC
0 - 1 SEC (0-3)
0 - 1 Big East

Independents (Previous Week 2-1)

1 - 0 NC
0 - 1 Big 10 (1-1)
0 - 1 WAC

MAC (Previous Week 6-7)

2 - 2 NC (8-2)
0 - 1 Conf USA
0 - 1 ACC
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-2)

Mountain West (Previous Week 6-3)

1 - 0 NC (4-0)
1 - 1 WAC
0 - 2 Big 12 (0-3)

Pac 10 (Previous Week 6-4)

3 - 0 NC (6-0)
1 - 0 ACC
1 - 0 Big East
1 - 0 SEC
1 - 0 Big 12 (1-2)

SEC (Previous Week 10-2)

2 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 Big East
1 - 0 Big 10
1 - 0 Conf USA
0 - 1 Pac 10

Sun Belt (Previous Week 2-5)

1 - 0 NC
0 - 1 Big 10 (0-2)
0 - 1 Big 12 (0-2)
0 - 1 Big East
0 - 1 Conf USA (1-1)
0 - 2 SEC (0-4)

WAC (Previous Week 5-3)

1 - 0 NC (4-0)
1 - 0 Independents
1 - 1 MWC
0 - 2 Big 12 (0-3)
0 - 1 Big 10

Week 2 D Zone Awards

I watch every college football game I can,  so I going to compile the best plays.

Game of the week:
1. Tulsa at East Carolina
2. North Carolina vs LSU
3. Boise St vs Virginia Tech

Play of the week:
1. Randall Cobb, 1 hand catch with left hand.
2. Hail Mary as time runs out for East Carolina
3. Tyrod Taylor hurdles Boise State player #23 and when he keeps balance and runs for first down late in game last night

Best Performance:
1. Denard Robinson - Michigan QB, broke QB rushing yards/ game at MI and total offense by MI player again.
2. Landry Jones - Oklahoma QB, 380 yards and 4 TDs, rout over FSU.
3. James Madison beating Virginia Tech

Best Defender:
1. Janoris Jenkins, Florida - more interceptions
2.  Oklahoma Defense - Held Heisman Candidate to nothing
3. Air Force Defense - shut down BYU

Top 5 players
1. Denard Robinson - QB, MI
2. Landry Jones - QB, OU

3. Bryce Beall - RB, HOU
4. Jermain Kearse - WR, WA
5. Terrell Pryor - QB, OSU
Leave a comment below, with your choices and at the end I will compile them.

College Football Week 3 Rankings and Predictions

After last weeks poll I noticed a few glitches, it was coming off the Virginia Tech game and you could tell I was upset.  I am calm now so hopefully more people can at least say, its not bad.  I know the bitter people will be hating but thats okay.  No one will ever agree fully. Last weeks record was 59 - 70.  My 3 upset picks all lost: MSU, KENT ST, and UVA.

Top 25

1. Ohio State (I am a Michigan fan, so where's the bias now?!)
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Iowa
5. Boise State (you have a week off 2nd week of season...)
6. Florida
7. Nebraska
8. TCU
9. Oklahoma
10. Wisconsin
11. Auburn
12. Texas
13. Arkansas
14. Stanford
15. Texas A&M
16. LSU
17. Michigan
18. Oklahoma State
19. West Virginia
20. Utah
21. South Carolina
22. California
23. Arizona
24. Texas Tech
25. Houston

Next vote: Air Force

Previous week drops: Georgia Tech (14), Virginia Tech (15), Penn State (19), Notre Dame (21), Miami (22) and Miss State (25)

Week 3 Predictions

North Carolina State over Cincinnati
Kansas over Southern Miss
California over Nevada (tricky)
Michigan over Massachusetts
Arkansas over Georgia
Georgia Tech over North Carolina
Ohio State over Ohio
Penn State over Kent State
Temple over Connecticut
Maryland over West Virginia (Upset #1)
Army over North Texas
Illinois over Northern Illinois
Kansas State over Iowa State
Purdue over Ball State
Mississippi over Vanderbilt
Virginia Tech over East Carolina 
Colorado over Hawaii
Florida State over BYU
USC over Minnesota
Alabama over Duke 
Miami (Oh) over Colorado State
Florida over Tennessee
Air Force over Oklahoma (Upset #2)
Nebraska over Washington
Wisconsin over Arizona State
SMU over Washington State
Central Michigan over Eastern Michigan
Troy over UAB
TCU over Baylor 
Indiana over Western Kentucky
Oregon State over Louisville
Oregon over Portland State
Toledo over Western Michigan
Navy over Louisiana Tech
Auburn over Clemson 
Kentucky over Akron
Mississippi State over LSU
Missouri over San Diego State
Bowling Green over Marshall
Oklahoma State over Tulsa 
Middle Tennessee over Memphis
Northwestern over Rice
Texas A&M over Florida International
Buffalo over Central Florida
South Carolina over Furman
Syracuse over Maine
San Jose State over Southern Utah
Notre Dame over Michigan State
Utah over New Mexico
Fresno State over Utah State
Arkansas State over LA - Monroe
Texas Tech over Texas (Upset #3)
Boise State over Wyoming
UTEP over New Mexico State
Arizona over Iowa (Upset #4)
Houston over UCLA
Idaho over UNLV
Wake Forest over Stanford (Upset #5)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 3 Game Of The Week

Clinton Township, MI -- This game was billed as a great game, Macomb Counties two biggest rivals.  Macomb Dakota was coming off a poor performance against Romeo.  Dakota was not able to score the 2nd half of the Romeo game.  Chippewa Valley also came into the game 1 - 1, winning their last game versus Warren Mott.

I figured I would get to the game early I assumed it was going to be packed.  When I arrived it took me awhile to find a parking spot.  The Stadium was packed by 6:30, State Champs was there filming for  their Game of the Week.  Dakota fans were a lot louder, I will say.  I sat in the middle of the Chippewa Valley bleachers and could  hear the Dakota students, over top two different Chippewa student sections on the right and left side of the bleachers.

Dakota walking onto the field

Chippewa Valley walking onto the field

Dakota started the game by kicking off.  Dakota's kicker #16 Kris Selita kickoff sailed through the goal posts, like his previous opening kickoff versus Romeo.  On Chippewa Valleys first play after the touch back QB #3 Paul Miller fumbled the ball and fell in feet of the Dakota linemen and Dakota recovered the ball.  The next play RB #9 Brandon Hughes ran to the right side with good blocks from his WR to score a 21 yard touchdown. The whole game Dakota shut down Chippewa Valley's triple option offense.  With a minute 1:22 left in the first quarter Quarterback #11 Mark Morris threw an out route to the left side to WR #1 Bryan Basilico.  Chippewa Valley attempted a HB pitch option and  Paul Miller caught the ball and ran 40 yards into the Dakota ball but had the ball swatted when he was running and Dakota recovered.

The second quarter Dakota kept dominating with a interception and a fumble recovery.  7:36 into the second quarter Dakota struck again, Mark Morris ran the QB option and kept it a few times during the drive and got Dakota down to the Chippewa 11 yard line.  Dakota ran the QB options again, but from 11 yards out Brandon Hughes ran in for another touchdown, Dakota was pounding the ball at Hughes. Dakotas line just pushed back Chippewa defenders.  Later in the quarter after a huge pass play, Mark Morris ran 7 yards to make it 28 - 0 before halftime.

In the third quarter Morris scored another rushing touchdown from the 1 yard line and Dakota was just wearing down Chippewa.  The opening kickoff for the 3rd quarter Chippewa returned the ball into the Dakota 40 yard line, but a Chippewa player took a cheap shot on a Dakota and the referee was right there to call the penalty and send it back to the Chippewa Valley 25 yard line.  In the dying minutes of the game, Dakotas backup running-back #26 Spencer Miller ran 10 yards to make it 42 - 0. Dakota preserved the shutout.  For the sixth straight time Dakota has taken home the Superintendents Trophy.  A trophy which contains both teams helmets and is awarded to the winner of the annual game.

Dakota scores to make it 42- 0.

Game Photos

Next week stay tuned because it will be a huge night at Madison Heights High School.  I will feature pictures like always and video of Florida Athlete commit Valdez Showers.

Alex Niznak - 2011 - Central Michigan

When Dan LeFevour graduated from Central Michigan University, he had cemented himself as the most successful and prolific passer in the history of the school, and if not for being in such a small program, Dan would have received much more media coverage. LeFevour set many CMU and NCAA records, but he cannot stay there forever and the next Quarterbacks are faced with the daunting prospect of replacing the best QB ever to play for the team.

In June of 2010 Central Michigan got great news that the state of Michigan’s top quarterback prospect Alex Niznak pledged a verbal commit to the Chippewa’s.   The 6’3 225 pound dual threat Quarterback from Ithaca, 25 miles from Mt Pleasant was able to answer a few questions and talk about his future at Central Michigan.

The 2011 recruiting cycle is far from over, players are taking visits to see schools play each weekend, some have committed and some are not sure yet.  2011 Quarterback Alex Niznak has committed to Central Michigan and is solid commitment; He said “I was looking for a good fit and found that at Central Michigan University."  Alex is one of Michigan’s top prospects and has had schools such as: Western Michigan, Toledo, Northern Illinois, Ball State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Notre Dame, Cincinnati and Kentucky show legit interest in him, but since he committed to the Chippewa’s he said “its slowed down and still get stuff in the mail from schools." 

Central Michigan has gone through several coaching changes the last few seasons including Brian Kelly and Butch Jones.  When Jones became Cincinnati’s head coach, Central Michigan selected the Michigan State running backs coach Dan Enos to be their next head coach.  Niznak had this to say about Enos: “What Dan did opened people's eyes about the kind of tradition and work ethic CMU has and I cannot wait to be a part of that.” 

Enos first season comes after the loss of LeFevour and his two top Wide Receivers, so his work will be tough right away.  He elected to start sophomore quarterback Ryan Radcliff who performed well in his first start versus Hampton.  When Niznak arrives this January to Central, as he plans to enroll early, He will be able to get a few months extra of learning the playbook, adapting to the speed of college football, and spring practices.  The plan is to redshirt Niznak for the 2011 season and be the backup for Radcliff when Radcliff is a senior.  Niznak intends to stay all 4 years after the redshirt is expired and complete his master’s degree. 

When Alex Niznak is not working with his Ithaca teammates he is up at the campus: watching practices and going the games trying to get other players to join him and continue the programs winning ways.  Asked about recruiting players he mentioned Thomas Rawls from Northern High School in Flint, Michigan.  Rawls is an all purpose back and top 20 prospects in Michigan.  Also he said “I am staying connected with the current commits”.  The future of Central looks to be staying on track and competing for MAC titles. The class of 2011 will be one of Central’s top classes.  Niznak and his Ithaca teammates are out to win a state title. Ithaca has outscored their first two opponents 134 – 12.  This is what he had to say, so far about the team: “Things are looking pretty good so far. Really all I can say is we will keep working hard every day to get a little better and each week that game will be the hardest game we have that week and that's how I want to look at it.”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Football Bowl Predictions Week 1

I know its real early but im confident it will be TCU and Boise State in the National Championship game... who wants to watch that? haha not me... almost as bad as the fiesta bowl and the Bama and Texas game last year.
All rankings I have, I AM guessing will be the final BCS standings.

National Championship
Boise #1
TCU #2

Sugar Bowl
Arkansas #3
Ohio State #5

Orange Bowl
Florida State #9
Auburn #4

Fiesta Bowl
Nebraska #6
West Virginia # 13

Rose Bowl
#8 Oregon
#7 Michigan

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College Football Week 2 Rankings and Predictions

So I was 86% right on the last weeks predictions, 19 out of 25 teams won in my top 25 and 2 of those teams lost to other teams in my top 25.  I know all the coaches and AP people are joining the bandwagon on TCU and Boise State, but sorry Boise St is not deserving to be called the THIRD best team in the country, just not possible.  TCU is just a wanna- be looking from the outside.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon (Big Jump and rightfully so)
3. Ohio State
4. Boise St (they beat last weeks #4)
5. Florida (they did nothing to fall back, not sure why they dropped so far back in the 2 polls)
6. Iowa 
7. Nebraska
8. TCU
9. Auburn (just like Florida)
10. Texas (why not)
11. Wisconsin (beat a good UNLV team)
12. Arkansas
13. Oklahoma (barely held on vs.... Utah... State)
14. Georgia Tech (Every week they really impress me less)
15. Virginia Tech (Alot of stuff they could fix on offense, before they max potential)
16. LSU (Almost lost to the NC backups)
17. Texas A&M (really dark horse in Big 12)
18. Penn State 
19. West Virginia
20. Texas Tech
21. Notre Dame
22. Miami
23. Michigan 
24. Utah
25. Mississippi State (watch out)

Week 2 Predictions

Central Michigan over Temple
Mississippi State over Auburn 
West Virginia over Marshall
Houston over UTEP
Florida over South Florida
Georgia Tech over Kansas
Connecticut over Texas Southern
Northwestern over Illinois State
Minnesota over South Dakota
East Carolina over Memphis
Wake Forest over Duke (tough)
Wisconsin over San Jose State
Hawaii over Army
Akron over Gardner Webb
Cincinnati over Indiana St
Michigan State over Florida Atlantic
Purdue over Western Illinois
South Carolina over Georgia
Nebraska over Idaho
Pittsburgh over New Hampshire
Virginia Tech over James Madison
Miami (Oh) over Eastern Michigan 
California over Colorado
Louisville over East Kentucky
Kent State over Boston College
Oklahoma over Florida State
Clemson over Presbyterian
LA Lafayette over Arkansas State
Iowa over Iowa State 
Michigan over Notre Dame
Navy over Georgia South
Ohio State over Miami
Utah over UNLV
Air Force over BYU
Maryland over Morgan St
Missouri over Mcneese St.
Oklahoma State over Troy
Tulsa over Bowling Green
LSU over Vanderbilt
Toledo over Ohio
Texas A&M over Louisiana Tech
Baylor over Buffalo
Rice over North Texas
Texas over Wyoming
Syracuse over Washington
Washington St over Montana St
Alabama over Penn State
Ball State over Liberty
Middle Tennessee over Austin Peay
Arkansas over LA Monroe
Northern Illinois over North Dakota
Southern Mississippi over Prairie View A&M
TCU over Tennessee Tech
Oregon over Tennessee
Western Michigan over Nichols State
Kansas St over Missouri St
Kentucky over Western Kentucky
Illinois over Souther Illinois
North Carolina St over Central Florida
New Mexico St over San Diego St
Texas Tech over New Mexico
Utah State over Idaho State
Rutgers over Florida International
SMU over UAB
Ole Miss over Tulane 
Arizona St over Northern Arizona
Arizona over Citadel
Stanford over UCLA
Virginia over USC 
Nevada over Colorado State

Week 1 D Zone Awards

I watch every college football game I can,  so I going to compile the best plays.

Game of the week:
1. Tulsa at East Carolina
2. North Carolina vs LSU
3. Boise St vs Virginia Tech

Play of the week:
1. Randall Cobb, 1 hand catch with left hand.
2. Hail Mary as time runs out for East Carolina
3. Tyrod Taylor hurdles Boise State player #23 and when he keeps balance and runs for first down late in game last night

Best Performance:
1. Denard Robinson - Michigan QB, broke QB rushing yards/ game at MI and total offense by MI player
2. Cam Newton - 186 passing yards, 171 rushings yards and 5 total TDs.
3. G.J. Kinne - Tulsa QB 400 passings yards and 5 Tds

Best Defender:
1. Janoris Jenkins, Florida - his interception saved Florida and after that it was all Florida.
2.  Obi Ezeh - Michigan forced a fumble that swifted the momentum for Michigan
3. Maryland team defense - held in check Navy and a goal line stand saved the game.

Top 5 players
1. Denard Robinson - QB, MI
2. Cam Netwon - QB, AU
3. Kendall Hunter - RB, OSU
4. G.J. Kinne - QB, TULSA
5. Chad Bumphis - WR, MISS ST

Leave a comment below, with your choices and at the end I will compile them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Conference Breakdown Week 1


8 - 0 NC
1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 Independents
0 - 1 SEC
0 - 1 WAC

Big 12

2 - 0 Conf USA
2 - 0 Pac 10
2 - 1 NC
1 - 0 Big 10
1 - 0 MWC
1 - 0 MAC
1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 WAC

Big East

3 - 0 NC
0 - 1 Big 10
0 - 1 SEC
0 - 1 MAC
0 - 1 WAC
0 - 1 MWC

Big 10

3 - 0 NC
1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 Conf USA
1 - 0 MWC
1 - 0 MAC
1 - 0 Big East
1 - 0 SEC
0 - 1 Big 12
0 - 1Independents

Conference USA

4 - 0 NC
0 - 2 SEC
0 - 2 Big 12
0 - 1 Big 10


1 - 0 Big 10
1 - 0 MAC
0 - 1 ACC


6 - 0 NC
0 - 1 Independents
0 - 1 SEC
0 - 1 Big 12
0 - 1 Big East
0 - 1 Pac 10
0 - 1 Sun Belt
0 - 1 Big 10

Mountain West

3 - 0 NC
2 - 1 Pac 10
1 - 0 Big East
0 - 1 Big 10
0 - 1 Big 12

Pac 10

3 - 0 NC
1 - 0 WAC
1 - 0 MAC
1 - 2 MWC
0 - 2 Big 12


3 - 1 NC
2 - 0 Conf USA
1 - 0 MAC
1 - 0 WAC
1 - 0 ACC
1 - 0 Sun Belt
1 - 0 Big East
0 - 1 Big 10


3 - 0 NC
1 - 0 ACC
1 - 0 Big East
0 - 1 Big 12
0 - 1 Pac 10
0 - 1 SEC

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 2 Game Of The Week (Thursday)

Macomb Township, MI -- I wanted to write this one last night but was not able to have enough time.  I am sure this game had everyones attention at the end of the game.  Romeo beat Dakota 17 - 10.  Dakota was heavy favorites coming into this game, especially after beating Muskegon the week before.  They started off hot, after Romeo drove down the field Dakota intercepted an option pass. Dakota would drive down the field and scored on a 17 yards out route to make it 7 - 0.  It seemed like Dakota was always driving but would get stuck once they crossed the Romeo 40 yard line and 2 times punted.  They added a 40 yard FG and made the score 10 - 0.  With a minute left in the half Dakota pinned Romeo inside their 20 and went back even further after a late hit on Romeo but added a 55 yard screen play, which I thought they attempted to do a hook and lateral, it froze several Dakota players and they would score with .2 seconds left in the half to make it 10 -7 at half.

The only score in the 3rd quarter came from a 23 yard FG for Romeo, Romeo had a 80 yard play that drive #1 made like 7 Dakota players miss as he fumbled the ball at the 15 yard line.  #37 on Romeo Ryan Burkard, had 124 yards on 20 carries, he dragged Dakota players for extra yards and score the winning touchdown with 7 minutes to play.  Dakota was driving late in the game after Romeo scored but their QB was getting pressure and threw the ball in the end zone hoping to make something, but was thrown right at a Romeo player with no one around.  As the seconds went off the clock in the final minute, Romeo fans erupted and the bench went nuts.
Will Dakota be able to rebound from the upset when it visits Chippewa Valley at 7pm, next Friday (Sept 10).

Romeo celebrates win over Dakota

Thursday, September 2, 2010

College Football Predictions + More

So Idk how to prove to the people that dont me that I correctly guess so many games right... Lets start this up 2010 style.

Top 25

1. Alabama (they will NOT go undefeated before their bowl game)
2. Ohio State (fairly easy schedule)
3. Florida (look for them to score a ton, but secondary may be a concern)
4. Virginia Tech (Have them beating Boise so why would I have BSU  this high)
5. Iowa (return like everyone from a good team)
6. Boise State (Not on the bandwagon anymore)
7. Auburn (Highest you may see them, but they can beat 2 teams ranked higher)
8. TCU (best D in the west)
9. Nebraska (Solid all around)
10. Georgia Tech (Will the offense be shutdown, anyone watch last years Orange Bowl?)
11. Oklahoma (Their QB situation is not a concern since Bradford was out all last year)
12. Arkansas (they will put up a hundred on a few teams)
13. Wisconsin (decent team)
14. Texas (not good enough to be a top 5 team IMO)
15. Cincinnati (Why no love? they only lost to best team of the decade in Sugar bowl)
16. Oregon (Everyone has them ranked too high, they dont have a starting Qb yet)
17. LSU (Will underachieving finally end in Baton Rouge?)
18.  Notre Dame (Not on the bandwagon, just a realist and have seen what Kellys done)
19. Pittsburgh (Dion Lewis will pass 2000 yards this year)
20. Oregon State (The Rodgers brothers will have monster Junior years)
21. North Carolina (Almost cannot rank them because how much the NCAA is screwing them)
22. Texas A&M (Jerrod Johnson will put a million yards of offense, but no defense, no big 12 title)
23. Penn State (the rushing will carry the team, I am hearing their starting QB was from St Marys Orchard Lake)
24. Miami (FL) (All the talent in the world, but their coaching staff holds them back)
25. Southern Methodist (play in real tough division: Houston, UTEP, and Tulsa)

 Wake Forest over Presbyterian
Ball State over Southeast Missouri State
Buffalo over Rhode Island
Central Michigan over Hampton
Kent State over Murrary State
Ohio State over Marshall
Miami (FL) over Florida A&M
Indiana over Towson (LOL)
Rutgers over Norfolk State
Middle Tennessee over Minnesota (first big upset)
South Carolina over Southern Miss (Ive been telling everyone SM will win but its at SC)
Florida Atlantic over UAB
Tulane over Southeastern Lousiana
Utah over Pitt (Upset #2, hard to win in Utah)
Idaho over North Dakota
Nevada over Eastern Washinton
USC over Hawaii (almost going the other way)
Temple over Villanova
Toledo over Arizona (Toledo returns lots of offense) upset #3
Florida over Miami (Oh)
Penn State over Youngstown State
FSu over Stamford
MSu over Western Michigan (WMU can win)
Iowa over Eastern Illinois
Georgia over Lousiana Layafatte
Missouri over Illinois
Georgia Tech over South Carolina St
BC over Weber St
Colorado St over Colorado (upset 4 they have beat them recently)
Texas over Rice (first of many creampuffs)
Oregon over New Mexico
West Virginia over Coastal Carolina
Notre Dame over Purdue (like Purdues chances but its Kellys first game = Blowout)
Kentucky over Louisville (UK needs to win if they want to compete in SEC east)
Michigan over Uconn (Upset #5, yes a upset)
Ole Miss over Jackson State
Clemson over North Texas
Kansas State over UCLA (some would consider this a upset so #5)
California over UC Davis
North Carolina St over Western Carolina
Virginia over Richmond
Syracuse over Akron
UCF over South Dakota
Tennessee over Tennessee Martin
Stanford over Sacramento St
Alabama over San Jose St
Oklahoma over Utah State
Nebraska over Western Kentucky
Arkansas over Tennessee Tech
Auburn over Arkansas State
Duke over Elon
Ohio over Wofford
Oklahoma State over Washington State (one of a few big conf teams against another HA)
Baylor over Sam houston St (Uprising in Waco)
Texas A&M over Stephen F Austin (WTF)
BYU over Washington 
Mississippi St over Memphis
Army over Eastern Michigan
Kansas over North Dakota State
Bowling Green over Troy (tough pick)
Louiana tech over grambling State
South Florida over Sunny brook
Northwestern over Vanderbilt (nice SEC vs big 10)
Oregon State over TCU
LSU over North Carolina (NC whole team is suspended)
San Diego State over Nicholls St
Houston over texas st
Wyoming over Southern Utah
UTEP over Arkansas Pine Bluff
Arizona State over Portland St (Former MI Qb Threet starts)
Cincinnati over Fresno St
Wisconsin over UNLV
Tulsa over East Carolina (Great game) I said, but too bad Tulsa lost.
Texas Tech over SMU (man this sucks both teams play week 1, going to be a shootout)
Navy over Maryland (Maryland needs to turn things around)
Virginia tech over boise St

Week 1 results 65/76