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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nakin Scott - 2014 MLB

Not too often do you see freshman playing Varsity football.  Sometimes there will be freshman on the roster, but only in limited roles, or because the school only has one team; this is not the case for Nakin Scott who starts at middle linebacker for Highland Park.  The Polar Bears play in an independent conference because they cannot find enough teams to fill a 9 game schedule. The other teams in the conference all have the same problem.  The teams in the Catholic League normally have the same problem as well, except teams do not want to play them because they are traditionally good teams.  In 2010 Highland Park played two of the best teams from the Catholic League.

 Nakin Scott was originally the outside linebacker for the Junior Varsity team, but after a scrimmage against Detroit Crockett, he was moved up to the Varsity team. For the first game of the year against Lansing Everett (0-9), Scott started as middle linebacker and Highland Park won the game 7-6.

The middle linebacker position requires a lot of maturity, composure, and leadership abilities since the position is often the focal points of a defense.  Scott had this to say about his thoughts on starting and his confidence at playing the position, "My only thought in the beginning was, am I going to be able to handle the pressure of being put in as a starter over a senior player? My confidence did grow more and more with each game that passed." Scott credited his coaches and teammates for becoming a better leader on the team, "I feel that I have shown leadership thanks to the guidance and help of my coaches and teammates, particularly my good friend and teammate Raymon Taylor."

Picture By: David Fogle
The Polar Bears would then have two tough games on the schedule after Everett, and would have to play state final runner up Orchard Lake St Mary’s (11-3). They played Brother Rice (6-4).  Orchard Lake St Mary’s only 2 losses in the season were against Brother Rice both games.  Brother Rice lost in the opening round of the playoffs to Division 2 winner, Harrison.  Highland Park then lost a close game to Muskegon Heights (6-5). Highland Park would then win its next three games against Muskegon Catholic Central and two games against Inkster (2-7).  In one of the games against Inkster, Nakin Scott had a game saving tackle at the two yard line and had 7 sacks against Inkster.  For the season he averaged 3 sacks a game.

Highland Park went 4-3 for the season and had some scheduling problems; this is what Scott had to say about the situation, "Not qualifying for the playoffs because of a paperwork error versus not being good enough was like being hit by a truck. There was nothing anyone could do. I especially felt the anguish of my fellow teammates who were seniors and were stripped of their possible state championship to take with them to college. I would never want to experience anything like that again." When I asked Scott what was his lowest and highest points of the season, he responded with, "My lowest point of this season when I got the news that our season was striped from us and my highest point of this season was when we won our homecoming game, which was our unexpected last game of the season and I took that team picture with all of my teammates."

When Nakin Scott is a senior, he is bound to have plenty of college coaches recruiting him, as long as he maintains his work ethic and continues to improve.  Three years is a long way from now but it leaves the door open for plenty of work. Nakin has to say about his 5 and 10 year goals, "By the time I graduate, I hope to have had the best 4 years of Varsity than any other student. I will strive to maintain a high GPA so that I will have a wide variety of choices as to what college I will be attending to pursue football and my Psychology major. Hopefully 10 years from now I will be in the NFL and/or practicing psychology."


  1. how big is this kid?

  2. This kid seems to be on his way. I'm pretty sure he's goin to get looked at by some big time scouts, as long as he keeps his work ethic up in school & on the field.

  3. I agree with that last comment. @The D zone do you have this kids latest season article? I saw Highland Park play at the ecorse jambaree they looked pretty decent but this kid stood out. If he keeps it up I won"t be surprised to see him play in a big time college.