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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The D Zones All Michigan Team 2010

First off this is not a popularity contest, no scholarships or other previous years are used to determine.  Just the top talent in Michigan at each position. Also I base all my stats off of


1. Mitch Robinon (Avondale) - Threw for 3606 yards, 46 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.  Oh and did I mention only a junior!!! Also ranks 28th in the country in passing yards and tied for 13th in touchdown passes.

2. Alex Niznak (Ithaca) - Threw for 2731 yards, 31 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  Daron Hill has 60 more passing yards but its nothing compared to Niznak's 141 rushing attempts for 1161 yards and 21 rushing touchdowns which ranks 57th in Michigan.  Niznak is #163 in passing yards in the country. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan. (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)


1. Valdez Showers (Madison Heights) - Ran 235 times for 2024 yards and 29 touchdowns.  The future Florida Gator is # 155 in the country in rushing yards this year. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)

2. Ethan Colton (Saugatuck) - Ran 308 times for 2613 yards and 29 touchdowns.  He is #24 in the country in rushing yards this season.

3. James Hartley (Birch Run) - Ran 299 times for 2448 yards and 28 touchdowns.  He ranks # 46 in the country in rushing yards this season.

Wide Receivers:

1. Ray Tillman (Avondale) - No surprise the state's top target would be here, Tillman had 83 catches for 1727 yards and 22 touchdowns.  # 7 in the country in receiving yards this season. A nominee for player of the year in Michigan (Will be announced on here sometime in the future.)

2. Matt Macksood (Lansing Catholic Central) - 68 catches for 1466 yards and 19 touchdowns. Ranks as the # 30th WR in the country

3. Zach Smith (Grand Rapids West Catholic) - Finished with 71 catches for 1398 yards and 18 touchdowns. He ranked as the # 49th WR in the country.

4. Shane VanFleteren (Utica) - Finished with 1231 yards off of 74 receptions which was good for 11 touchdowns. Tied for # 98 in the country.

Defensive Line:

1. Jory Purvis (Ithaca) - Finished with 140 tackles and 69 solo tackles.

2. Lamonte Jackson (Orchard View) - The defensive end finished with 134 total tackles and 10 sacks for the season.

3. Darrell Montgomery (Westside Christian Academy) - The Sophomore finished with 110 tackles and 24 sacks which is second in Michigan and seventh in the country.


1. Sonny Sullivan (Mt. Pleasant) - Finished with 193 tackles and 116 were assisted.  He is tied for 20th in the country in tackles.

2. Lucas Slater (Ithaca) - Also finished with 193 tackles, 119 were solo and is tied with Sullivan for 20th in the country in tackles.

3. Anthony Watkins (Ecorse) - Finished with 145 solo tackles and 164 overall for the season, he ranks # 121st in the country.

4. Brent Zdebski (Walled Lake Western) - Had 149 total tackles, 81 in which were solo tackles.  He ranked # 263 in the country.

5. Bilaal Collins (Detroit Crockett) - Collins finished with 124 total tackles and 19 sacks.  Tied for #32 in sacks in the country.


1. Garrett Bowker (All Saints Central) - Finished with 92 total tackles and 4 interceptions.

2. Desmond King (Crockett) - Finished with 53 tackles which is 11th in Michigan but was tied for the most interceptions amongst cornerbacks with 10.

3. Scott Ruzinsky (Perry) - The free safety finished with 125 total tackles, 3 interceptions and 6 caused fumbles.

4. Quincy Bissette (All Saint Central) - Had 103 tackles and 1 interception for the season.

Field Goal Kicker:

1. Evan Fisher (Holt) - Was 14-15 on field goal attempts with the longest of 52 yards.


1. Kyle Brindza (Plymouth) - The future Notre Dame kicker had 45 punts for 2023 yards, averaged 45 yards per punt and kicked it inside the opponents 20 yard line, 12 times.

Punt Returner:

1. Antoine Hawkins (Westside Christian Academy) - 17 punt returns for 854 yards

Kick Returner:

1. Nathan Fraeyman (Romeo) - Finished with 11 returns good for 494 yards.


  1. What is this crap? Not even close to an "all state" team. Where are the studs from the West Side?

  2. These are the top players according to maxpreps in their categories.

    Some players stats are not up there but tell me what players u think should be rearranged.

  3. How about Jake Georgakapolous from Fenton....Had over 220 tackles...shut down both Midland and Midland Dow

  4. 220? says 18...




  6. Most of those are not even based off stats. Thats why I choose to do it like this. If I wanted to have a popularity contest I would of just copied every other one.

  7. how is all state and dream team a popularity contest? Those players are consider the best for a reason.

  8. how do you base this whole stupid blog off maxprepsz? deffiently not the most accurate source. how about you come up with your own opinions that actaully make some sense next time

  9. Well find a more accurate source than maxpreps and ill be happy to base it off of that. Because I cannot find something more.

  10. this team might do good since there is no offensive linemen blocking

  11. I do not know how to find stats on offensive lineman so I dont just want to copy and paste something.