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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Anchor Bay and Chippewa Valley Game Recap

Clinton Township, MI -- The Chippewa Valley Big Reds waited a week for their first game of the season.  On Wednesday they finally kicked off the season, by convincingly beating #21 Anchor Bay (0-2) 81-55.  Anchor Bay was without Taiwan Jones.  Chippewa started the scoring early and they scored late to extend their lead.

Chippewa started fast, with one minute gone in the game, they led 7-2.  A few minutes later they were up 16-6.  Chippewa was scoring on pretty much every shot and drawing fouls.  With 4:35 left in the first quarter, Anchor Bay's head coach, Chad Gira called timeout to try to regain the teams composure. Two minutes went by and the only points were, 5 points by Chippewa Valley.  Anchor Bay would hit a late 3 pointer to end  the first quarter but the score was 22-15 Chippewa.  They were completely dominating and yet Anchor Bay was not out of the game.

Anchor Bay faltered in the second quarter and five minutes went by and all Anchor Bay could show for it was 2 points.  With 3:20 remaining in the second quarter the score was 36-17.  The next few minutes before the break Anchor Bay would respond but the halftime score was 41-27 Chippewa.

Again Chippewa struck fast and Anchor Bay was on their heels, with three minutes into the third quarter the score was 48-30.  Chippewa kept looking to extend  the lead and with 2:40 remaining in the third quarter the score was 58-37.  Chippewa again would add onto the lead before the fourth quarter, they went up 65-41 heading into the final quarter.

The final score was 81-55 Chippewa Valley wins but #23 Joe Bastone had 16 points and #33 Nick Gregory had 22 points and 11 rebounds. Trent Jax hit a couple three pointers and finished with 17 points.

Chippewa Valley's next game is 12/28 at home versus Warren Woods Tower
Anchor Bay's next game is 12/21 at L'Anse Cruese North


  1. Trent Jax shot the three's and scored 17. Nick Gregory had 22 points with 11 boards. Joe Bastone scored 16 with most coming in second half.