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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monroe St Mary Catholic Central vs Ithaca Preview

The Division 6 state final features Ithaca (13-0) winner of the Tri Valley West Conference vs St Mary Catholic Central (12-1) winner of the Huron conference.  There is not much to say bad about either team so I will say it, so that it is out of the way,  St Marys only loss of the season was week 1 versus Crockett (11-2) by the score of 43-28. Since that time they have destroyed all their opponents by at least 2 touchdowns, besides last weeks 22-14 win over Constantine (12-1).

Ithaca last season was one game short of the final as they lost to Montague in the semi final, this year nothing stopped them from reaching Ford Field, For Ithaca it is their 5th straight winning season, 2nd straight playoff appearance and 15th overall playoff appearance.

They put up 605 points this year which averages 46 points per game while allowing 126 points which averages to 10 points per game. They are led by future Central Michigan Quarterback, Alex Niznak.  He receives plenty of support though, from his team.

For St Marys its their 8th straight winning season, 8th straight year in the playoffs and 17th playoff appearance.  They appeared in the state finals in 1991 defeating Coopersville, 2005 losing to Kingsley and last year losing to Montague. They also have 3 semi final appearances as well.

St Marys scored 571 points this year which is an average of 44 points per game and allowing 169 points to be scored, which averages to 13 points per game.

It is going to be the first time the two schools have ever played each other and the game will start at 4:30 on Friday, the 26th at Ford Field.

Click to here to see score updates during the game

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  1. SMCC, then MCC, made it to the finals in '84 as well.