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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 10 Game Of The Week

Sterling Heights, MI -- With playoffs beginning this week, the game between Utica Ford (6-3) hosting Anchor Bay (6-3) was filled with extra emotions, from Anchor Bay's star player, Taiwan Jones.  Jones said, "Ford got lucky the first game."  In the first game, with time running out Anchor Bay was called for a questionable pass interference call and Ford would later score and win.

Anchor Bay and Ford both had real similar strength of schedules, their region is pretty loaded now remaining is Dakota, Cass Tech and Fordson.  Ford will meet Dakota the first weekend of November for the chance to play the winner of Fordson and Cass Tech.

For once to start the game it was Anchor Bay who received the ball to start the game, usually Ford's opponents drive on them to start the 3rd quarter, but Ford had the advantage this week.  Ford would stop Anchor Bay's first 3 plays and force a punt.  Ford would drive and Lamb would add a 25 yard run, but on the next play a fumble would be recovered by Anchor Bay. Ford would rebound by stopping Anchor Bay on 4th down at the 40 yard line.

Berthet would pin Anchor Bay deep in their territory, on the ensuing possession for Anchor Bay, #44 on Anchor Bay Melvin Bailey would bust a huge run up the middle but fumbled the ball and Ford recovered at their 40 yard line.  2 plays later Ford would attempt a slant but Taiwan Jones deflected it and caught it for an interception. 3 turnovers in the first 2 minutes.

With 8:23 left in the 2nd quarter Mike Saba found #24 Eric Posavetz 28 yards out, on the previous reception during the drive, Eric Posavetz became Ford's all time career reception leader.  Berthet would add the extra point and give Ford a 7-0 lead.

With 1:42 left in the half, DJ Edwards caught a Hail Mary that was thrown by QB #17 Zach Hite from his own end zone, for an interception and took it to the 45 yard line of Anchor Bay.  It was not really a Hail Mary but you could see he was getting pressured and just threw the ball as long as he could, hoping Taiwan Jones would bail him out.  With 17 seconds left in the half Ford was punting and the snap sailed over Berthet's head, but he picked it up and booted it.  With a second left, Anchor Bay downed ball  to go into half down by 7.

Ford would receive the ball to start the 3rd quarter and wasted no time getting down field, the drive was capped by a 1 yard run, by Mike Saba with 8:42 left in the 3rd to give Ford a 14-0 lead.

On Anchor Bays next possession DJ Edwards got his second interception of the night and again returned it to the Anchor Bay 45 yard line.  Ford's first play was a 45 yard touchdown pass to Eric Posavetz and with 7:40 left in the 3rd quarter, Ford led 21-0, in complete control of the game so far.

With time running out in the 3rd Ford would again fumble and be recovered at the 4 yard line.  With 46 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, Zach Hite threw a 3 yard pass to Taiwan Jones, who broke loose from the Ford corner back and cut the deficit to 21-7. Ford would take the kickoff 40 yards after Posavetz broke loose from tacklers until finally dragged down inside Anchor Bay territory.

With 10:43 left in the game Ford throws an interception that halted a good looking drive.  Anchor Bays next possession resulted in a 4 and out.  The Tars had 4th and 1 but gave to ball to Jones on the outside and Dalonte Blackburn was there to tackle him for a 5 yard loss.

With 6:43 left in the game Ford would fumble the ball 2 yards away from the end zone giving Anchor Bay a chance to remain in the game.  They would drive 98 yards and score, Taiwan Jones of course capped it off from 2 yards out, but Anchor Bay's pass offense was non existent all night, they took 4 minutes off the clock and with 2:15 left attempted an onside kick, but Ford players fell on the loose ball.

Now all Ford had to do was run the ball and make Anchor Bay use their 2 timeouts, instead Ford passed the ball for most the drive, Anchor Bay did have to use their 2 timeouts, but Ford punted the ball to Anchor Bay. Anchor Bay for the millionth time was given another chance to remain in the game, but they could not afford to run the ball this late in the game and Dalonte Blackburn intercepted Hite's pass with 30 seconds left, Ford downed the ball to secure a rematch with Dakota next week.

With Anchor Bay's 2010 season coming to a close, it makes their all time record since 1950:  229-287-10, Ford now leads the all time series 12-4 and have won the previous 7 games they have met.

Bottom Line:

Mike Saba: 3 touchdowns (2 pass and 1 rush)
Eric Posavetz: 2 touchdown catches
Taiwan Jones: 2 touchdowns (1 catch and 1 rush)
DJ Edwards: 2 interceptions
Aaron Cox: 3 Sacks (now leads MAC white with 7)


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