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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Football Bowl Predictions Week 1

I know its real early but im confident it will be TCU and Boise State in the National Championship game... who wants to watch that? haha not me... almost as bad as the fiesta bowl and the Bama and Texas game last year.
All rankings I have, I AM guessing will be the final BCS standings.

National Championship
Boise #1
TCU #2

Sugar Bowl
Arkansas #3
Ohio State #5

Orange Bowl
Florida State #9
Auburn #4

Fiesta Bowl
Nebraska #6
West Virginia # 13

Rose Bowl
#8 Oregon
#7 Michigan


  1. Michigan in the Rose bowl. You are on meth

  2. who ever thought TCU would be in a bowl game....? Michigan very well can.

  3. terrible predictions

  4. I would like to c see tcu against alabama and boise ohio