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A look at former Michigan High School players in Pro Leagues on 8/20/2014

Take a look at how pro athletes who used to play Michigan High School sports.  We will try to bring your information on as many former players as possible in any sport.  If we missed someone please comment below.


Ann Arbor Pioneer RP Zach Putnam pitched 1 scoreless inning in the 8th inning of the White Sox's 4-3 loss to the Orioles.  Putnam's ERA lowered from 2.16 to 2.11.

In the Yankees 5-2 loss to Houston.  Kalamazoo Central SS Derek Jeter batted 2 for 4 with a walk.  Jeter now has 121 hits on the year and raised his average from .267 to .269.

Brother Rice 2B DJ LeMahieu batted 0 for 3 in the Rockies 5-2 win over Kansas City.  DJ LeMahieu average dropped from .257 to .255 and is on a  4 game hitless streak.

Bedford vs. Fordson - Week 1, 2014 Football Preview

Bedford looks to replace 40 graduated Seniors in week 1 crossover vs. Fordson | Source: Jeff Corrion / The D Zone

The 2nd game of the 2014 MHSAA football season is Bedford vs. Fordson at Wayne State University.  This game will follow the 1pm game of West Bloomfield vs. Dearborn.  This is another intriguing game as the two teams have no history with each other.  They have only played once before in 1990. Bedford won that game 51-0.

Bedford went 11-1 last year and it was the 5th season in a row they reached the postseason and will surely have a lot of players break out this year.  The great season Bedford had last year wasn't all just "highs."  Before their week 9 game, Colton Durbin (#CD3) passed away in a car accident.  Bedford will look to replace his Senior class that graduated 40 Seniors and numerous key players who went on to play college football.  The Mules carry over from the 2015 class is made up of 20 players and no players on offense had at least 55 yards of total-offense last season.  The highest returning Senior in tackles was Derek Shepherd with 10 tackles and 22 rushing yards.  Bedford graduated all 22 starters on offense and defense.

Bedford's leading returning RB's are: Justin Strickland 6'3" 190 lbs finished last year with 43 yards and a touchdown, 5'10" 180 lbs Christian Ormsby finished with 33 yards and a touchdown, and 6'1" 160 lbs Derek Shepherd had 22 yards and a touchdown.

Fordson switched up their offense last year in their opener vs. Dakota to an up-tempo spread offense.  The offensive switch better fits their players and presents defenses with a lot more challenges.  Fordson has reached the playoffs each of the past 8 years but enter 2014 with a lot of potential and higher expectations than in recent years.

Playmaker WR/DB Jamil Sabbagh a CMU commit, is a player Fordson will try to isolate one on one with inexperienced CB's and all over the field. Sabbagh will get a lot of touches and Fordson will blend in RB, Derrick Hallman who is a balanced RB.

Once Bedford can get past Hussein Kdouh and the Tractors DL, they'll need to worry two destructive LB's in Ball State commit, Abdallah Jaffal and Michael Hazime.  Fordson's defensive mindset is attack and hit hard, which is the same as Bedford's offense, expect a very physical matchup by all 22 players when Bedford is on offense and Fordson is on defense..

What do I expect in this game? - I expect a helmet crushing, bruising, and emotional game.  Football isn't always defined by the games first possession but this game really does that kind of present that vibe to it.  Bedford wants to possess the ball on offense.  Run, run, run, run, run, run, play action pass, run, run - you get the point.  Bedford wants to wear down Fordson for a late game comeback, which is how they defeated Saline twice last year and other opponents sooner.  Fordson will be quick and looking to score on offense, not saying they can't grind out a drive but they'll be looking to exploit an unproven defense that its Seniors graduated from.

Scoreline? - Don't expect a last minute field goal for the win or to be sent in overtime.  I see a 10-6 type game heading into the 4th quarter.  One team might score the go-ahead touchdown late and leave little to no time for the other to come down and score.  That all depends on if Fordson attacks and if they do, how quick do Bedford's defenders react and develop.

Overview:  Team trainers, water boys, etc. be prepared to work.  This should be a physical game and early in the season, neither teams stamina is all that great. Will a teams offseason dedication pay off in week 1?  We'll see.

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Michigan High School Football Preseason Rankings for the 2014 Season

Why do we look forward to August? Michigan high school football is back in full swing and the 2014 season promises to be one where legends are born and conferences are wide open due to major realignments.

The 2013 season began last year with an interception in double overtime to seal Chippewa Valley's win vs Dearborn.  Wayne State will kickoff the season again and will bring the same excitement and thrill into the 2014 football season.  Source: Ken Dettloff / The D Zone

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